Saturday, September 21, 2019

Listen While You Work: Nutrition, Cooking, The Jane Austen Diet, Alcohol

Hello Ladies!!

It felt good to talk to you again, and you can talk back to me by leaving some comments!

The purpose of this video is to keep you company while you catch up on a few things at home. It is always nice to listen to something while you work.  

The book I read aloud from:

Today I am wearing on my face:

Above: Castor Oil--which has to be mixed with another oil because it is too sticky to spread. I have been using this on my face, neck and back of hands for the last two weeks. It is too early for a report.  The foundation is from W & W in Rose Ivory, and the blush is a wonderful emollient stick from the same company.  These are all available from Dollar Tree and Walmart, all under $5.00.  I like that these products do not promote any celebrities or big names.

The Jane Austen Diet book pointed out that as fat was reduced from foods, carbohydrates (which convert to sugar in the body) were consumed more , causing many of the health problems we have today.

In this video I bring out some simple points:

Eat food as close the original form it was created in, as much as you can.
Shop the perimeters of the grocery store where the real food is located.
Your liver can only handle a teaspoon or so a day of sugar, but sugar may also be in your bread and pasta, cereals ,  peanut butter, coated on nuts, spaghetti and tomato sauces, condiments and many other foods.
Eating protein foods will help you lose your craving for sweets.
One-pan cooking gives you the flavor you need and does a great job of cooking things adequately, leaving less clean-up in the kitchen.
Salads in summer and home made soups in winter help keep viruses at bay and will make you feel good all around.
Alcoholic drinks have a very high sugar content but few nutritionists are talking about it. They go on and on about juices being "pure sugar" but fail to mention alcohol. Modern alcohol is not the same as ancient alcohol because rather than being naturally fermented, it is fortified (strengthened) by mixing it with an ingredient called ethanol, contained in strong drink. 

I spoke a little about women and alcohol, and I also took the trouble to find a link with more information than I could give.
Those who wish to search this issue further might benefit from this video:

If you are concerned at all about your weight, it is good to know that the calories from alcohol, just like sugar, are used up first and more quickly than anything else you eat, turning the rest of it to stored  fat. So if you want to burn up your stored fat, avoid the alcohol. (As I said before, research this for yourself.)

Too much sugar


Gigi said...

I love your vidoes. Thank you for the encouragement in so many ways. I repainted the trim and beadboard walls in my famhouse kitchen while I listened. Tomorrow, I am making apple pie filling for canning and hope to touch up the grout in my kitchen. You will keep me company.
I love the part about sugar - it's so true .... moderation!

Laura Lane said...

🌷Thank you, I enjoyed listening while keeping busy.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Amelia said...

I appreciate you talking on the subject of alcohol, it is a problem in the churches. I even know elderly people who did not drink upon becoming Christians and their homes were safe places for our family. Eventually one of the relatives pressured wine drinking and through flattery etc. the elderly couple decided to go back to wine drinking. This home quickly became a place that was stressful to be in on holidays, there were youth there that would drink and it turned into a very poor witness and a place of pressure. I've seen throughout my life how alcohol can harm. I've seen alcohol turn people into monsters, saying things to each other and doing things that they normally would not do and how it hurts the children. In our immediate family we do not drink and did not serve it at our daughters' weddings. We served lemon water, iced tea and coffee for beverages. One of the saddest and most disappointing things is going to an event and seeing people who claim to be seasoned Bible believing Christians drinking alcohol, some are now getting plum drunk. It's true too that it is not feminine at all. It just gives an entirely different look to the woman and men too actually.

What did I do when I listened to the video? I made a red bean and rice soup that I will post on my blog, made hibiscus iced tea and took a load of laundry to the washroom while cleaning a little here and there. Now off to my sewing table to finish a couple of fall skirts!

I hope you continue videos, I have no ladies group to attend and it's nice to hear your talks.

Blessings! ~Amelia

Paula K. said...

Thank you for this video! I enjoyed listening while I mopped my floors and cleaned the kitchen. The book you read from was very interesting. Like you, I have not found much use for the usual "diets". I have tried a couple where you cut out a certain type of food. I always end up wanting the very thing I am denying myself. So, in the end, they do not work and I really don't believe it is good to cut out food groups. I just try not to eat between meals and cut my portions (and less sugar). Of course, eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, as you mentioned, is also helpful.

Lydia said...
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Lydia said...

Regarding wine, no one says anything about the sugar content that is harmful to your health but of course all the so called nutrition articles come down hard on fruit juice and soda pop. I don’t drink soda pop but I’d rather provide fizzy grape juice or apple juice at a gathering. I find it hypocritical that wine and beer are never warned about regarding sugar content

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia~ It's so good to see you in this video. I love that you are in a plaid shirt and denim skirt and taking a break to visit with us from your work.

While I listened I was able to: finish preparing dinner, wipe the table and set it, get meat out for this week, have a tea break with my Fall dessert I made (Apple crisp, it was tasty), clean up after preparing the pot roast for the crock pot, and clean my kitchen which I like to do before I eat..makes the after dinner clean up nice.

So thank you for sharing and reading. My favorite part was the simplicity of your meal you shared and also the practical wisdom of keeping things simple. I cook from scratch and it is tiring for me so I gave up on complicated meals years ago. Sometimes I do go all out but my husband would rather we have chicken with salt and pepper and oil and a wife who is still happy and not grumpy. I am going to try to make what you spoke of (turmeric, chili powder & a pat of butter)

I have been keeping my eye out at our Walmart here for these pretty plaid shirts, they aren't here yet. But I hope to see them soon.

Have a lovely evening.

Wishing you God's peace,

Lydia said...

Thanks, Dee. The shirts at also at farm and garden stores and other places that are similar to Walmart. Walmart has them now I noticed so keep watching. They have a large buffalo check, black and white that is in a group of plaids of other colors. The black and white check is what will stand out, when you are looking. I saw another one I like there and have my eye on. Now I have a plaid shirt collection of about 3 but not tired of them yet. I agree just cook some chicken and have salt and pepper on it, with a salad. You can't even do better than that at a restaurant.

Feminine Belle said...

Interest article on sugar you read there.

AS I make bread at home have actually cut the sugar in half and we don't miss it! By doing that, have also cut sugar in recipes in half as well for coffee cakes, muffin mixes, no more sweet tea, major less sugar in coffee (one brown sugar cube please) and the like. There were some getting use to at first, but once you reach that threshold of not missing sugar, you actually become very sensitive to it. I have noticed some cans of tomato sauce has labeled less sugar or salt which I will purchase before anything else. All one has to do is compare other cans. ;-)

The FAT dilemma:
As a French woman I never do away with fat, only calories. In fact, calories is the culprit of weight gain, not fat! I enjoy full fat in all my baked ingredients and yogurt! As the French love their bread, the rule is 2oz of bread a day is all you need or skip it totally. Recently, I have acquired a cookbook on making yogurt in a crock pot/presser cooker. I have an old recipe book which has an article on butter written in the 1940 about how some women don't use enough of it!

Michele said...

I like what Michael Pollan has to say about his diet rules.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

I would add to that - not so often.
I have not read all of his works, nor can I recommend the content of some of his videos. Fair warning.

Dana said...

I'm a little late in watching this but always enjoy your videos, Lydia. You are such a beautiful lady inside and out! Thank you for bringing encouragement to your readers.

While I watched your latest video, I changed the sheets on the bed and started going through my summer clothes to put away -- and get out the winter clothes. I live in Michigan and the leaves are turning and its just beautiful. But I am needing my sweaters!

Thank you again for all you do.

Polly said...

I have been very busy lately and am only now checking into the blog. I love the video! And I am so excited to watch the others that you have created. I listened while I wrapped Christmas gifts! Yes, it's only October, but my children were visiting their grandparents so I had a great opportunity to work on that while they were away.

The alcohol issue that you touch upon here is so much bigger than most people realize. I know of two women who became alcoholics (both are recovering now), who are good, responsible people, but it all began with a drink here and there. Then it became a drink every evening to relax. And then it became not being able to fold laundry or do normal chores without a drink. Fortunately in both cases they realized they had a problem on their hands, and they both quit "cold turkey." It's a very sneaky addiction.

Last year I lost a lot of weight and it was interesting to me that the book I used lumped alcohol/wine in with sugar and processed foods--it was off-limits! For good reason, since it does have a high sugar content and it's easy for people to eat and drink too much after only having a glass or two.

Lydia said...

Sugar has a similar effect as alcohol on the body!

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I wanted some company today while I did various things in the kitchen, and there was no new video from you so I decided to watch an older one I missed. I enjoyed this talk about nutrition, and the reading from the Jane Austen Diet book. I agree with all of your nutrition advice. I too enjoy small amounts of raw sugar, and baked goods such as cake on special occasions, but I generally keep my sugar consumption quite low. I do enjoy dark chocolate but I would never eat milk chocolate as it's many times over too sweet for me.

I also agree with your take on alcohol. I don't drink myself. I have seen the negative effects and embarrassing consequences of excessive alcohol consumption in the lives of people I care about, and so I decided it's best just to avoid it altogether -- for health reasons as well. And of course, I certainly don't need the extra calories. The only things I drink besides water is water kefir (a fermented beverage I make myself for the probiotics - you drink it before it turns to alcohol) and black tea.