Sunday, September 29, 2019

Homemaker's Support - Listen While You Work: Good Grooming, Health, Careful With Information, and More

Hello Ladies,

I am attempting to keep these videos coming a little more often, and hopefully I can sit down and do one tomorrow also. In the meantime I hope you get a lot done at home while you listen to this!

Someone asked me to give my input about what to do if you are a homemaker and homeschooling and have suffered a loss of income or have to adjust to less money, and so I do my best to warn not to panic or be drastic when adjusting to this.

I included something more concerning health, with a discussion of the waistline: in a way the waistline is the "center" of your bodily health and has a lot to do with how things are going with the rest of your body. I heard a nutritionist say "If you can get your waistline back, you can retrieve your health." You can look up more about this yourself, online and see what you come up with.

Also, the subject of having your own car is laid forth in this discussion, as I talk about how I have to be efficient with my time, get what I need to run the house and get back home to do things I need done, rather than sharing a ride with anyone and waiting many more hours for them.

Today while describing my plaid "Time and True" shirt that I bought at Walmart, I mentioned this coat that was worn by one of the European royals last winter. This is the plaid I was looking for in fabric. It doesn't appear to have so much dark blue in it and I really like how the red stripes show up. I always peruse the plaid aisle of the fabric stores hoping there might be something like it there. I like the aqua color.

I also read a little from one of the original publications of Christian Charm Course by Emily Hunter, which I had used when I was a teenager. It has been revised several times since "the olden days" and I noticed there is a new version, as you see here, however, you can still get good copies of the older versions on Ebay, Etsy, Thrift Books and other places. Although it says it is for young girls, I would suggest every woman of every age get a copy for themselves and take the course!

Give your girls a guide to growing up into charming Christian women! This workbook features traditional advice on posture, pleasant countenances, exercising & nutrition, hygiene, makeup, the best clothing for you, and other aspects of growing up. Information is given in short, fun-to-read paragraphs, and the end of each chapter relates to a scriptural truth. Questions are given at the end for the girls to answer and reflect upon. 80 pages, softcover. This student guide is designed to be used alongside the The New Christian Charm Course Teacher's Manual.
Samples of kitchen cannisters that I spoke of in the video:

Thank you so much for your kind visit, and especially your comments! If you have difficulty leaving a comment here, you are welcome to click that email link on the side and send me a letter.

I live in the country so I take advantage of the shopping in nearby small-town-America where there is a Dollar Tree. I have purchased my cosmetics there and today I am wearing Wet and Wild. I wish they would change the name to "Happy and Free" or something like like "Sensible and Serene." I like that these products are not promoted by film and television celebrities and that they are only 99cents in some of the other stores in town.

Today I am wearing Wet and Wild Lip Silk Finish lip color  called Cherry Frost.


Laura Lane said...

Thank you. I am about to begin my housekeeping for this morning. I will listen as I work.
I put up a new post at Harvest Lane Cottage.
Be blessed,

Laura Lane said...

I finished dressing, made a protein shame, started laundry, divided up pretzels and crackers into snack size bags,hung out laundry, started a second load, and now, I am knitting a bit on a sock for my husband's birthday in November. I may look up another video when I get back to work in my kichen. Bless you!

Amelia said...

I worked on a fall tunic, with whimsical prints and earth tones quilting them together to make a cute artistic tunic top!

I have the exact blouse I purchased online at, I ordered it two sizes larger to make sure it has that length if I do choose to wear it with pants, so it will cover or I can tuck in my skirts as well. I just love their rayons. Thank you for the lipstick color suggestion, that is a pretty one. By the way, the jewel tones in your blouse look very nice on your complexion, I too am very fair and seem to gravitate to jewel shades.

Chuckled on the waistline since mine was starting to go away at the age of almost 59. *big smile* I am half Italian and half German, both my mom and dad and grandparents enjoyed their fats and it did show in health. I've recently been reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman's books and have been once again refreshed on some things. Before I add olive oil, I carefully measure no more than 2 tablespoons for a very large pot or very large casserole dish. And yes, with more fresh veggies and fruits etc. and measuring my oils I have my more normal waistline back within just a couple of weeks. I give credit to my eliptical in my living room as well, I do that sometimes while watching your program and other helpful videos etc.

Blessings! ~Amelia

Lydia said...

Amelia from what I understand about the waistline and health, it is not so much how fat you are everywhere but how much smaller the waistline is in balance--in other words whatever your size, make sure the waist is smaller. That apparently in a part, determines your overall health. It applies to both men and women. Its natural to gain weight as we grow older but it helps our health when we keep our waistlines in proportion. The waist was always intended to be smaller than the trunk of the body.

Liisa said...

Hello! I just wanted to say how very blessed I am by theses Homemaker Support videos. I watched this one and re-watched another today while I baked bread, processed a gift of tomatoes into spaghetti sauce, chopped jalapenos for the freezer and cleaned up.
I am just so encouraged by your messages and learn a lot from you so thank you very much!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed your lovely talk this afternoon while hand sewing a hem on what was supposed to be a "housedress". I think I like the fabric so much I will probably not keep it just for home. :) I also wear slips, with almost everything, even long denim skirts because I think it feels better than not wearing one. I ordered a couple on Amazon but after one wash I noticed one was starting to fall apart at the hemline. I usually make my own, but I like the store bought versions as well, if I can find some in a better quality. And, I do like to iron my clothes, and my husband's shirts. I saw a neighbor the other day, dressed in casual but nice pants and shirt, not ironed, and I felt sort of sorry for him. I learn a lot from your stories and insight and look forward to your videos. Always nice to listen to you while working around the house!

Amelia said...

Very good information Lydia, yes, I think that is what frightened me. I've always been a pear shape but with a defined waist. When I saw my waist disappearing in proportion to the rest of me it was definitely a warning sign.

Thank you for the input, and it's so true, I want to age gracefully, not perfectly but gracefully. *smiles* It looks as if you are doing just that. My mother who is almost 90 saw your youtube on my television, (I play youtubes on my Channel Master device on t.v.) and she said..."Oh isn't she cute?!" : ) My mother is a sweet artist and it comes natural for her to notice and appreciate peoples' physical appearance whether it's the face or physique.

I appreciate your blog, blessings! ~Amelia

Dana said...

A testimony to the wife who is worried about a change of income. During the recession 10 years ago, my husband was out of work for 2 and 1/2 years. We lived exclusively on unemployment and a few odd jobs he could pick up -- didn't use any government assistance and didn't tap into our savings. It truly was a miracle! I kept right on homeschooling, tried not to panic (such good advice you have!) We happened to just move into the community and were renting having sold our house to start a new job that dried up immediately. Honestly it was a very stretching time for me. But I have always felt a twinge of regret that I didn't trust God more -- and that my children must have missed out on over 2 years of their childhood because it was so stressful. But recently my 20 year old daughter told me those were the best years and I just about fell out of my chair. Our children also have that legacy in their hearts that God does take care of His own! If they are faced with something similar they can go on trusting God. We have faced numerous times of unemployment, moving 13 times in our marriage for the next job, but have never, ever gone without or been hungry. We didn't always have everything we wanted, but God took care of us.

Lydia said...

So true how this "system" can work, when you just continue with your path. WOmen tend to panic when there are changes in employment or income, but in the olden times they didnt; do that, they just waited it out and tried to keep life steady at home.