Thursday, April 29, 2021

Learning While You Are Home - Part 1

Please enjoy any tasks you have at home while you listen. Today I address young single women at home but anyone at any stage of life can benefit.



Janet W. said...

Years ago my mother kept notebooks of sewing projects in plastic sleeves and I inherited them along with her poems, recipes and thoughts all recorded. It takes me back to memories of her when I re-read them.
I too have several notebooks of crafts, recipes, handmade things, and dresses I liked that I would love to pass on to my granddaughters. There are at least 7 extra wide notebooks alone of things I’ve taken off internet and classes taken over 51 years. I sure hope someone benefits from this collection.
So thankful you encourage this activity, it is rewarding and your presentation is done so well. You inspire all of us!
Janet W.

Lydia said...

Wow! This was an excellent talk for younger and older women, too, since we are always learning! For years I have kept journals... many of my entries have been from your lovely blog and teaching. I am, by God’s grace, leaving a written legacy of Christ-centered home living for my daughters to glean from. I am passing on your teaching to them because it helps immensely to have other Christian influences ( besides just mom)that can impart wisdom & knowledge to our children. Therefore, I won’t be giving up my time journaling, reading the Bible, praying, daily walks, cooking nutritious meals, creative endeavors, keeping a clean, orderly home, learning new things, and tuning into homemaker radio! Thank you, Lydia, for the sacrificial time you have taken from your days to bring us countless hours of inspiration, instruction and encouragement!

Blessings, Holly

Amelia said...

Very good advice Lydia, I share similar advice with my daughters and now that they have baby boys some of this is especially helpful. In our area things are so off into the world's way of thinking it's a rarity to hear these opinions. Refreshing.

Thank you for sharing, so much of what people do is like The Emperor's New Clothes. I've even seen children's piano lessons get out of hand with competitions and such. We were so blessed to have an older, old fashioned piano teacher who was also my confidant. Oh the wonderful conversations we would have...She had looked like Greer Garson in her young years during WWII. She was from the city but was left as a young widow with children in the little town we live nearby.

Thank you for taking the time to encourage those of us who are true homemakers. God bless.

Janine said...

Very good! Such great advice. We love the Pink Lady apples, too. We watched the movie you recommended at the end and enjoyed it, thanks!

Laura Jeanne said...

I chuckled, Lydia, when you mentioned that people don't really keep photo albums these days. Would you believe, that while I listened to this talk I was putting all of my photos from 2019 (which I finally got printed) into a photo album? :) I love to take pictures and I have so many photo albums. I always write captions too so we'll always know when the photo was taken, even after the memories have faded.

Kayla James said...

I was so overwhelmed by all of the things to learn, but am grateful because I really needed to know this. I am 28 and still at home and not in a Christian one and don't know a great deal about homemaking. I am learning to knit and could learn to sew, I suppose. Since I am blind, I am in a few Facebook groups for blind and visually impaired crafters. I would like to write stories for money, but I understand about not making it into a career I think.
I will buy a binder notebook and Braille all of my notes and things and will learn to play piano and guitar and write and learn to make crafts and clothes and learn more about homemaking.