Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Importance of Appearance at home; Social Things

 Greetings, Everyone.

Please enjoy whatever you need to accomplish today, while listening to this episode. Among other things, I talked about reading the ingredients in everything that is absorbed by your body, and how excellent the home school materials are. 

One of my creative endeavors this week was to stencil-paint an old carpet that was
looking very worn and faded:

While going through my archives of things I've saved since______,
I found some old stencils and some craft paint.

This will wear off, but it does not matter. The carpet was not going to last much longer,
and was destined for the porch, but it gives it a little more indoor life, and some beauty.
It looks so "cottage core"--which is the new expression
for old furnishings ;-)

If I can locate the pattern for this, in my sewing room, 
I'll show it here.

with apron 

Thank you for your visit,

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Angela said...

Wow your rug looks so pretty! I never would have thought of that!

Christal said...

I enjoyed this Soo much, I baked almond grain free cookies while listening and was able to get some embroidery done🤗, the rug that you fixed is really beautiful, love your beautiful dress as well, hope that you have a very blessed week 🙏

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

You certainly didn’t lose a subscriber here! Thank you for such timely, pertinent information. It is vitally important to do our own research about experimental substances before having them injected into our bodies. I stress again the word EXPERIMENTAL!

I thought all the information you gave to homeschoolers and/or prospective homeschoolers was excellent! My daughters tested out of math at Bible college by simply studying from the abeka 8th grade arithmetic book. It definitely is college level math.

I listened in the evening and enjoyed knitting some baby booties while you spoke. The rug you stenciled was lovely, by the way. 😊Thank you for your wonderful company tonight.💕


Laura Jeanne said...

Your rug looks lovely - what a great idea.

There was so much good wisdom in this talk. I especially noted what you said about the importance of smiles. It may be that in America (including Canada) people used to be known for smiling...but I've been saddened to notice that it isn't that way any more. The masks, the mandates have made people feel cowered, like those living in a communist country. I've noticed that when I leave a store and take off my mask, and try to smile to others in the parking lot who haven't yet put on their mask, I can rarely even get someone to look at's really very sad how all the friendliness, even in a small town, seems to have evaporated away. People are afraid of each other.

Have you ever read James Herriot's memoirs? I remember in one of his books he described a trip to Russia he took, and he found the atmosphere so strange there compared to his friendly, cheerful little town in Yorkshire. All the women in Russia wore plain, dark clothes, and people shuffled around looking at the ground, nobody smiled at each other, they were all afraid to be noticed. When I read that I thought it was so tragic, yet here we are and things are starting to look like that even in America. I will not give up, I will keep smiling at people as much as I can, though!

Laura Lane said...

Thank you so much again for your videos. With your encouragement, I have gotten into the habit of putting my make-up on and fixing my hair nicely daily. Off days are just that off days. ~smile~

I'm also getting better about getting my housework done since I know I can listen while I work.

I think painting the rug was a grand idea! I wouldn't have thought of that, and it looks great with your furniture.

"Cottage Core" is similar to what my mama and I used to call "Early American Garage Sale"!
It does make one feel nice to know that she's in style even when she doesn't try to be!

Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Mo

Quiltladyofky said...

This was a wonderful broadcast today! I so enjoyed every word and your rug was pretty. I wouldn’t have thought to do that but you taught me something new today. I got an entire desk cleaned off and organized and shredded about 4 boxes of papers. And got to enjoy my coffee time with you as I worked. You , as usual, looked so pretty today. Beautiful dress! Thank you for giving so much of your time to teach us younger women(46) so I can teach my niece (24) and sh is just starting a home with 2 children ages
5 & 2. Your doing a great job!

Janine said...

Thank you for such great information! I learned a lot, as usual. Your white bedroom looks so cool and refreshing. I agree with and echo all the comments as well. I mainly rebooted and folded laundry while listening, as well as other little household tasks. Thanks for the chitchat!

jeanannemarie said...

Did you find what the pattern is for that pretty dress? I would like to check it out!

Lydia said...

McCalls 6958. I inserted a different sleeve from another pattern. It has tucks in front and back which must be marked with a tracing wheel or other technique.

all for Jesus said...

Dear Lydia,
I am having a great time catching up on your videos, and enjoying it immensely.
I've been doing my Saturday "big" cleaning. Your talks are so very encouraging and uplifting, thank you so much.

You mentioned about children being ready for various subjects...I did not understand algebra until I studied it for homeschooling my own children. I have been homeschooling for 30 years and being homeschooled by you has been an absolute treat!

I too have been staying out of the stores. Last week I thought I would try going in as the mandates aren't enforced at certain places. Well, while I was in the store I reacted adversely to the chemicals used to clean the store and had to leave. I do have sensitivities to chemicals, molds, etc. Discovering order and pick up, and having my grown children pick things up for me, has been an amazing benefit of these strange times. I get so much more done at home and spend less money.

I appreciate you sharing truth in your broadcasts, it is so encouraging.
Thank you for the talks!
Blessings and Joy,