Monday, April 26, 2021

No Sign of World Turmoil Inside Your Home

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate your viewing this post today and I hope you will enjoy your home while you listen to the broadcast:

Good Old Houses 
learning puzzle 

Eight House Style Designs in Good Old Houses learning puzzle.
House plan description from May 1991 Victoria magazine 
today’s teacup 

I was unable to add to the video some things I had intended, so I will fulfill that in the next post.

As I am preparing to take my family on a "train trip" here at The Manse, I am 
including a picture from a train window (a real train, that is.)

What I wore:

Where I was: (one of the cabins on the train ;-))

Note to those who have difficulty with the volume:  It seems to work better on your phone. In the meantime I am shopping for an appropriate microphone. Please be patient. 


Unknown said...

You are such a delight to listen to while I work. I remember my Grandma (who lived on a Kansas farm) would listen to a homemaker radio show, so I like following in her habit.

What a loving and fun Grandmother you are. Your grandchildren will have so many wonderful memories of "the train trip at Grandma's."

Missuz C said...

I so enjoy your podcasts, thank you for the time & effort. They have been a bright spot through the insanity of the past year. <3

Lydia said...

I appreciate your encouraging comments!

Laura Lane said...

I worked in the kitchen as I listened yesterday. Be blessed!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

How pleasant to listen to today’s broadcast. I love to hear and see all the ways you are thriving at home during such a time as this.

It’s amazingly simple and thrifty to change up the atmosphere of an entire room by adorning the bed or furniture with different colored bed coverings, scarves, and decorative pillows. I started taking articles of decor from one room and utilized them in a completely different setting in another room. I did this after you suggested switching things around to give yourself a lift. 🙂It does wonders for one’s mood and doesn’t cost a cent. I am quite fond of the burgundy accents you chose for your “new”look in the guest bedroom.

Looking forward to hearing more about the great train adventures. Sounds like a lot of fun things are being planned. I made homemade vanilla extract and finished up dinner during today’s talk. Thank you, Lydia.

Blessings, Holly

Lydia said...

Always edifying to read your comments, Holly. You do us all good. (Roger to Molly in Wives and Daughters)

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for another great talk. I enjoyed listening to this talk while I made supper (macaroni and cheese, ham and vegetables). I listened to the rest of it while I cleaned the kitchen before bed.

The bed in behind you is just lovely! Is it Laura Ashley bedding?

Your "train trip" sounds like a lot of fun, and I am truly inspired by your energy and imagination. I hope that some day when am a grandmother, I am one half as fun as you are!

I wanted to mention also that I found this video was louder than previous videos, for some reason. I listen on my small tablet (I don't have a cell phone) and normally I find the volume is a bit on the lower side, but today I could hear just fine even over the sounds of cooking. :)

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
Thank you for all the helpful ideas, suggestions, and information based on your own personal experience that you share here.
I always come away with something helpful to try, or with encouragement to keep on pressing forward in the midst of difficulties along life's way.
~ Lynnea