Friday, March 17, 2023

Morning Tea, Civil Speech, Together, and More

Good Day Wonderful Homemakers,

Welcome to The Manse. This is the room I was sitting in while I talked to you. 

Here is a sample of a sewing planner, using snips of fabric and sketches for potential outfits.

I have been out to see what the local town has to offer the homemaker and found these things:

This tea has strong rose top-notes and contains bit of dried apple, mint and a some other things. The one or two person teapot is from Grocery Outlet and cost $8.00.

In the broadcast I read from the Tea Companion, a publication of Victoria magazine:

Lillians Sewing Blog has a NEW POST She appreciates your visits.

Cottage Garden seeds from Dollar Tree:

It is still snowing here and if you enlarge this scene below, the snow patch over there is in the shape of a US map: 

The mornings still have snow and frost
which makes a contrast for the stealth sipping photo:

Quote from the chapter "Keep a Civil Tongue" (Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter):

The social obligations (in 1855) required everyone to avoid:

"...all remarks which tend to embarrass, vex, contradict flatly, "

One etiquette writer scolded those who were skilled at sarcasm, barbs and contempt,

"Because you happen to have a razor in your possession, that is no reason why you should be allowed to cut the throats of the rest of us who are unarmed."

I hope you will enjoy that author's humorous descriptions in today's broadcast:



Janine said...

I learned that tar and feathers began innocently but too much tar meant the skin cldnt breathe and people died, so it was outlawed. Re names, my aunt has always called me Jan and after 30 years I got used to it 🙂. But when I was little, my step grandma always spelled my name wrong and it felt like she didn't care enough to learn how to spell it right, so you are right, it is rude. Once I called a friend's husband Chuck and she shook her head, "no, it's always Charles." Some people really don't like nicknames or shortened names!

Re books, did you ever read Grace L. Hill or Lucy Maud Montgomery books? I think both authors are so uplifting, like the ones you mentioned. I've read all LMM bks and I'm working my way through GLH.

I love your wisdom re home schooling and re sleep. We also don't use alarm clocks and had few illnesses. Lots of sunlight and home JOYS!

Lydia said...

Hi Lady Lydia,

I really appreciate your broadcast. They are truly refining me and teaching me so much about home-making and homeschooling. Can you share your homeschool story more with me? What curriculums you used, co-op, and more. I love hearing homeschool testimonies!

Also I really enjoyed the "Princess Cut" movie series you recommended. Please share more movies that bring life topics into the home.

Thanks again,


Mama to 12, so far said...

I really like your sewing planner. It is so helpful I am sure. I always enjoy spending time with you when you are able to make broadcasts. Thank you for your stories and readings!

Leigh said...

I like your sewing planner too. Lovely to behold and with lots of good ideas.

Lydia said...

Thank you dear ladies. I hope to talk to you soon.

Mrs Bain said...

You are so correct about others altering names. I took great care in choosing my children’s names and broached no one shortening or nicknaming them. I have a dear friend who asked if she could call me Amos as an endearment, to which I consented.

I’m listening to your broadcasts today on the other side of the world as I ride a bullet train heading for Seoul, S. Korea. It has been such a calming and encouraging message amidst all the hurry-hurry here. Thank you.

Vintagebeliever said...

Delightful chat. You draw very well.
Thank you.