Thursday, March 23, 2023

Preparation and Order May Prevent Stress; More

Greetings wonderful homemakers (and those who would like to be).
It is always a privilege to talk to you and I hope you find something useful in this broadcast.

I have been stealth-sipping a sample of a new tea flavor.

Victoria Magazine published a new issue of English Cottage, which I'm going to look at if ever I sit still long enough to turn these glossy pages.  The atmosphere is very dark here still and cold, but "we are enduring it as best we can."

I purchased this for someone who prefers coffee. It made a wonderful scent in The Manse the day she visited.

One of my sons is visiting today as I write and he is playing Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu and I can't describe the wonderful sunny-day feeling it gives me and the images it creates in my mind of sail boats, picnics, walks in the gardens, etc. 

This is the scene out my window--brrrrr.
Please enjoy your homemaking while you listen today:

I read from Simple Social Graces about respecting the language and speaking with civility. You might also enjoy hearing a page from The Jane Austen Diet, and also an introduction to "Once Upon a Time in America", an Eric Sloane book.
 Correction in broadcast: It’s LUCY Maude Montgomery, not Lillian.


Sherry Hayes said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort you do in sharing with us! Because of you, I have discovered the world of Fascinating Womanhood--I have bought two two books and downloaded the book "Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood" and the original pamphlets in pdf form. I am reading the Fascinating Girlhood book to my girls still at home and plan on using these materials in a video series I have titled "Eve Reborn" based on a course done by Susan Key in the 1970's. I am actually receiving a lot of positive feedback on this series, which has been an pleasant surprise to me. Could it be we are finally tired of all of the feministic nonsense

Lydia said...

Sherry I’m so happy to know that you are doing this to make the information available to girls and women. Please be sure to provide a link when you are ready.

Christal said...

So happy you posted another video, I had thee best time this evening sipping tea, crocheting and listening to you. Have a lovely blessed week 🙏🥰♥️🌷🌻

Vintagebeliever said...

The coffee sounds amazing. Thank you for the visit.

Shelly said...

Hi Lydia, One of your biggest fans here....would you pretty please share your best marriage advice with us soon???

Janine said...

Loved this, as usual, Lydia. I got sooo much done while listening...dyed my hair, exercised, folded clothes, worked in the kitchen...

Btw, re what Shelly mentioned above, I have Secrets of the Fascinating Woman in my website library. If someone wants it they just have to email me for the pw.

I've also just started to read the Original 1922 Fascinating Womanhood pamphlets on YT. There are 8. BeautifulHomemaking channel.

Thank you for all of your wisdom and encouragement! I think of you often when I'm doing morning tasks.

Michell Hendrick said...

I enjoyed the photos and the visit today!!

Unknown said...

Lydia, it is my sincere prayer that God will bless you as much as you have blessed others. When I became an Empty Nester, I was so very lost…what do I do now that I have endless hours in a day. When my children were young, my home was spotless, I homeschooled them as I felt I wanted to fill their minds with Jesus and how He would have them to live, I kept up with everything I needed to and even had time for story time and an hour of rest. When they graduated and moved out, I couldn’t function. And I realized something…I WAS LONELY! Over the years, I have kept busy so I wouldn’t have to face that realization. And then I found you. I honestly am never lonely while I am home doing the laundry, washing the dishes, making my husband dinner, etc. because I have you on all the time and I feel as though you are here with me. You’ve become such a comfort to me, and I appreciate how uplifting you are. I never worry that I will hear something that God would not want me to hear. No profanity, no unkindness. Just love for God and for the people He seems to have called you to serve. Thank you so very much!!
Blessings on your family,