Friday, September 01, 2023

Poems For Every Day Life

Greetings wonderful ladies!
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I'm so taken with the misty look of the distant forest today.

Today I read poems that apply to life at home. I will list them at the end of this post and you can read them online. I suggested you print off poetry that has meaning for you and put it in a book for your family.

"We are enjoying very nice weather."

Some books I reviewed today, which I chose for my own personal self improvement curriculum:

The Jane Austen Diet (a health book--no particular "diet" but basic health principles found in Austenworld)
A Little Book of Manners for Boys
A Little Book of Manners for Young Ladies
by Emilie Barnes
Diary of an Early American Boy--wonderful drawings and instructions for learning how to do things.
All are from Thrift Books online.

Poems I Read in this Video
You may want to print these and put them in a notebook to use as basic thought skills for life

A Mother's Prayer:Give Me Patience When Little Hands..
a reminder to respond to children with kindness and pleasantness

Hurry the Baby by Nixon Waterman
a favorite, full of profound thoughts about the dangers of rushing children into adult life...causing so much anxiety in adulthood 

Do Something For Somebody Quick by Theresa Piercy
for boredom, discouragement or hopeless feelings

Suppose by Phoebe Cary
when things go wrong

Don't Worry Little Girl by Edgar Guest
not to worry 

At the Door by Edgar Guest
don't bring the world home

Little Things by Julia Carney, 1845
how little efforts help to accomplish big things

Patiently, Thought by Thought by James Dillet Freeman
how our thoughts help us develop good habits
I was not able to find this on the web but there are a number of other good poems online by this author.

How to Be Happy (Do Something For Somebody)
a slightly different version than the one I listed above

I Slept and Dreamed That Life Was Beauty
attention to duty is what creates the beautiful life we all want

The Man Who Thinks He Can by Walter D. Wintle
learning to think on the achievement side of life--good teaching for learning how to develop certain character qualities like cheerfulness, truthfulness, respect, and more, as well as achieving success in learning skills.

Try Try Again by T. H. Palmer
One of the most common sources of discouragement is not having a skill and not wanting to practice or take the little steps to learn and accomplish something. 

Don't Quit by John Greenleaf Whittier
Similar to "Try, Try Again" the message says when you get discouraged, rest a little but don't quit. As a caution, be sure the goal is worthwhile and achievable.

It Couldn't Be Done by Edgar Guest
of all this collection of motivating poems, this is my favorite. So many times over the years someone will say "you can't do that," or "you will fail" or "its a waste of time."  I loved the last verse, "There are plenty to tell you it cannot be done. There are plenty to prophesy failure."

Worthwhile by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
show how unhappy circumstances can be turned around by smiling through the strife and rising above hardship

I appreciate your readership and hope it benefits you in some way.
Lydia Ruth


Janine said...

I love Edgar A Guest poems and you read a few I hadn't yet heard, so thank you! My son's favorite is It Couldn't Be Done. 💌

Hanah said...

Oh, I loved the poetry reading! Especially the mother's prayer. Sometimes I cry thinking about my little girl one day marrying and leaving home. This was an excellent reminder to just make every day with her count. Also, I agree with not venting feelings. I was more of a Marianne, but I really admired Elinor when I saw the film. When I was a childless homemaker, I had plenty of time to nurse hurt wounds and ruminate. Then, when I had a baby, there was just no time for it. I just stopped doing it. Lol I guess that is another way we may be saved in child-bearing.

Hanah said...

I did a word study on the Titus 2 attributes that Paul tells the aged women to teach to the younger women. And the first thing he mentions is teaching young women to be sober. I think Elinor is an excellent example of sobriety. Understanding what that word meant and therefore what the Lord desires of us, helped shape how I respond to life. It is one of my favorite words.

Lydia said...

Thank you dear ladies for your helpful and gracious comments !

Twingardeners said...

Good morning Ms. Lydia and other ladies,
This is the Sabbath day! I love the poems and plan to print them for my 12 year old son whom I homeschool. We also have the Diary book you showed today but haven't started it yet. I was listening as I made pancakes for breakfast. Thank you! I enjoy reading other people's comments too. I have that manners book for girls and I also have a tea party by the same author for girls. You would love it if you don't already have it. I purchased it like new on one of the many online stores. Maybe Thrift Books and it was very inexpensive.
I love your videos and enjoy the topics you discuss. Have a wonderful day ladies and I encourage all of us to remember that we are in this together! How nice is it to have an online group that is edifying and a place we can learn from a great teacher.