Sunday, September 10, 2023

Peace at Home

Hello Homemakers,

I hope you are enjoying your home and making plans for improvement. 

All is well here at The Manse

Even the dryness is beautiful here this season.

Someday I will use this little shed for something.

The sites I mentioned today are:

                                Not Who You Think I Am

I will be looking for more videos on "small talk"--the kind of things that start conversations pleasantly.

Please enjoy your home while you listen


Mrs Bain said...

Such a lovely episode today. Thank you. I love the idea of a starter kit for making the days begin on a good foot!

Hanah said...

The people section of today's broadcast was excellent. Wonderful advice and food for thought. Also, I love your backdrop. It is so pretty. I kept looking over at that cute little mailbox on the wall!

Janine said...

We are experiencing what you described about others who disagree and attack what we believe. When it is a stranger it's comical; when it is not it's distressing and we take long walks to talk it out. Giving it to Jesus brings peace... until we take the yoke of worry on again! Then lots of prayer and peace again. Thanks for the encouragement!

Unknown said...

I have been so blessed by your lovely ways and blessed wisdom! You always speak such clarity into my life. I identify so much with what you say, especially so about other people, like being attacked for being a stay at home wife/mother and homeschooler. I remember once you said a lady would call you about the time you started to homeschool and I have had this experience and all others. Today you taught me, specifically, how to respond. I think it's a wonderful idea to just tell them that I don't know all the answers but I want to please the Lord by how we are living. So grateful for you and your powerful teachings. You look especially beautiful and I so love your hair style and color. You're exactly right, appearance does uplift our spirits and those around us.

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed this video very much. I listened to it while I made Sunday dinner. I enjoy listening to your videos any time, but particularly on Sunday, because I want Sunday to be a day of rest, and listening to you is so restful and soothing, and your content is always wholesome besides. Thank you for being my gentle companion as I stand in the kitchen and cook!