Friday, September 22, 2023

Preparation and Motivation

For this broadcast I sat on the front porch at The Manse. The farm equipment driving past was not quiet but I think I got my message across without too much noise interference.  I would like to film outside more often.

Above: another post box. Sometimes people I know put mail in it, and of course all these mail boxes are used by my children and grandchildren, and stuffed full of old notes and letters of theirs. 

I get the mail boxes from various places and paint them the colors I like.

The Porch

I was wearing this 
cotton dress;so comfortable, made from a vintage pattern,

with this apron from the Hobby Lobby, all cotton.

The reds fabric was April Cornell print,  available at fabric stores many years ago.

I spoke of avoiding feeling unmotivated, by following a little routine of your own, consisting of getting dressed, making a list, prayer, reading, exercise, listening to music while you work and of course having a serious cup of tea. 

and one of her easy chair exercises.

I listened to a few minutes of classical music while I got ready for the day.

I walked to the mail box at the end of the drive and posted a card to an old friend, moved the sprinkler to a dry spot at the edge of The Manse, made some applesauce by cooking a couple of apples (no sugar added), put the laundry on the line in the sun, and made a long list of things required for a complete overhaul of The Manse, if I live that long. 

Please enjoy doing something at home while you listen:


Hanah said...

The porch of the manse looks lovely. I like the idea of having an outdoor seating area to receive unexpected guests. I do go to extremes to try and avoid rudeness. I will shop on amazon instead of having to go in-store and deal with rude people. I will have my husband do the ordering at restaurants [and we will bring it home to eat] or have him deal with customer service representatives over the phone. I mainly leave the house just for grocery shopping, because I can't stand to be in the world anymore. Early on in marriage, we told our families that we'd no longer be celebrating birthdays or holidays. That was mostly to avoid any obligation to fellowship with rude family members, although some assumed it was for religious reasons. Life is much more peaceful and I'm happy with the boundaries I've created.
The "pick-pocket in respectable clothing" reminds me of the "bear in a dress" analogy that you mentioned from Fascinating Womanhood. I think of that when I'm in a bad mood or being snippy with my husband. I just remember that I don't want to be a bear in a dress. LOL
I also love and follow the concept of tending to my home as if I'm staging to sell. Well-meaning people have told me that it's okay for my home to look lived in, probably attempting to "help" me loosen or relax my standards. But I actually enjoy staging my home and don't find it burdensome. On the contrary, I'd feel burdened if things got too out of order.
I think this is one way homemakers contribute financially to the household without ever bringing in a paycheck. We sold our home recently and the appraiser was shocked to find us home when he showed up. He said from the pictures online, he didn't think anyone lived there and that it was staged. I had not done anything out of my ordinary routine and I had not purchased special furniture or decor to impress potential buyers. Our home was just a little 2 bed, 1 bath and sold for significantly more than similar homes even on our same block. That was definitely the favor of God, but I still like to think my homemaking helped.

Lydia said...

In years past, homemakers had fewer social obligations and less contact with the public. Now we are all ultra socialized, extracting more energy to travel, talk, shop and eat out. Everything is done “ somewhere else”. Consequently our health, rest, and families and housekeeping go neglected. We deal with more noise and lights and chemicals out there than we are aware of.

Hanah said...

Yes. Now, it seems we must intentionally guard our energy by designing a lifestyle that promotes and protects our peace. It's no longer built into the profession. I remember you mentioning in a recent broadcast that it was not abnormal for homemakers in the past to have few [or maybe no] friends. I think that was a blessing. It is nice to be relieved from unnecessary social obligations and devote my time to my own home and family. On the rare occasion when I would go out with a friend in the past, I'd just come back to a neglected house and then end up scurrying to prepare dinner. It was not a good feeling, so I stopped doing it. I'd host them at my house instead. Now, we've moved 2 hours away from family and friends and I suppose most people would be sad. Am I horrible for enjoying it? LOL it's great. I'm thinking next we should leave the entire state!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia Ruth,

Much appreciation for another wonderful home living video from the porch of the manse! Your dress and apron complemented the background of your home so beautifully. I really enjoyed my visit at your lovely blog, too. One thing that inspired me immensely in today’s broadcast was your exhortation to embrace our homemaking in a spiritual sense by realizing Christ is our unseen guest. What a transformation we would see in our daily homemaking duties if we could lay hold of that purpose- filled truth! Thank you, Lydia.😊


Christal said...

I was able to get so much done while listening. I did the dishes, laundry, harvested my dill, gathered birch leaves to make salve, put a roast in the instant pot, and fixed a salad. Thanks so much I love your broadcasts, have a blessed week ❤️

Polly said...

Those soft colors are so beautiful!
I look forward to listening soon--back to the internet after a summer break. Thank you for your faithful postings....they are inspiring!

Mrs O'Sullivan said...

Thank you so much for your broadcast, I did a pile of ironing and washed the kitchen floor.
I must say that I have been lacking in motivation and purpose of late, and your observations and wise words encouraged me to get up and do something this morning. And after completing these household tasks I rewarded myself with a cup of tea and and worked a few rounds on a gift I'm making at the moment. It's the yuletide crochet blanket by Attic 24. I've left the link below if anyone is interested, the pattern is free.

Again many thanks Lydia.


Dianne said...

I so often wish that I had found this blog years ago (or that it existed when I had a young family). It would have helped me so much. The demands of others are often crippling to young homemakers and mothers. How I just wanted to be in my little nest and enjoy my husband and children but felt pulled and obligated in so many directions that I ended up being robbed of much peace. Thank you for the topics you touch on and the understanding you help to bring. 💙

Lydia said...

Most of us who tried to be home focused were intimidated into doing other things, and later regretted the times and energy it took from our lives and our families. When we want to be home bound, no one wants us to do it.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, this video was particularly appealing visually. The soft outdoor lighting was pleasant, and very flattering to you. Your dress was so pretty, and the apron matched it perfectly. I really love that apron - too bad we don't have Hobby Lobby in Canada. I am always meaning to make myself more aprons, but somehow I can never find the time.

I listened to this talk while I worked on Sunday dinner - turkey stew and dumplings, with chocolate pudding for dessert. While I listened and worked, I also drank two cups of chamomile tea because after losing a loved one last week (my grandmother), my nerves are very unsettled. The tea, combined with your friendly, soothing voice, helped me to feel much better and calmer. Thank you, and God bless you this day.

Lydia said...

Laura I’m so sad for you. I’ll try to write soon.