Thursday, April 04, 2024

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Hello Dear Ladies,

Thank you SO MUCH for coming here and also for listening to the video below.  It means so much to me. 

The first bloom this year.

I am trying a different flavor of tea every day, just for the scent.

I have this on MY PINTEREST 
It may be a painting by William K. Blacklock.

Catching the blue light.

2 minute Warm Up Movements from Lucy Wyndham-Reade

Listen to When Queens Ride By, a story I summarized in the broadcast.

Please enjoy your home while you listen. I'm sorry it does not have a proper ending. The video stopped before I could sign off. 


Mrs Bain said...

This week has been our spring break and we’ve been deep cleaning. It has also been raining cats and dogs. But, it has been wonderful to wash everything down and do some rearranging of the furniture.

Wives and Daughters is one of our favorite BBC movies. I love the contrast between Molly and Cynthia. Molly’s character is gentle, determined, and honoring. She is my favorite of this time period.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Hello Lady Lydia,
I've enjoyed this greatly today while binding a quilt.
Be blessed,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Antheia said...

Hello Lady Lydia,
I am greatly enjoying your videos, keep them coming! I like to listen to them while I do the dishes and tidy the kitchen. I hadn't before heard of Wives and Daughters, now I am curious!

Thank you,
Teresa V.

Lydia said...

Thank you, thank you for your lovely edifying comments Ladies. They mean a LOT to me; more than I can express.

TiffanyK said...

Good Evening Mrs.Sherman,

I love the idea you shared of just smelling the lavender tea. It is almost like your at a tea spa. I will need to remember this for next time. My favorite tea right now is rose tea on amazon it comes in a little wooden box and it tastes wonderful hot or cold. Have you tried it? I have recently started using manuka honey in the rose tea and it definitely has a different taste than the Texas honey I’m used to. Manuka honey has been said to have all sorts of benefits including healing scars, balancing moods as well as improving the immune system.
May God bless you always Mrs.Sherman you are truly reaping treasures in heaven with speaking to the ladies here.

P.S. I’d love to know what you are currently reading this beautiful spring season.

Blessings, grace and God’s love towards you,

Mrs.Tiffany Koch

mystical heart said...

Hi Lydia, I truly enjoy listening to your videos and looking at the pictures on your blog. I just love when you share the story of "When queens drive by". It always seems a timely message for me. Thank you and God Bless...isabella.

Lydia said...

Isabella, These days many people have online jobs at home. I appreciate you are concerned enough for your son to home educate him. It will be a way of allowing him to become someone’s wonderful husband and father someday. By doing this you can encourage him to be an influence to other young people to do the same. I believe you have great power for good, with what you and your son can do. I have no doubt that God will bless you very much.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Lydia, You and I 'cleaned house' this morning together. It was a joy to listen to the broadcast today. I think it was this video you spoke of "not at the table", I laughed out loud as I was emptying my little stick vacuum. My mom would say that often. Especially if my dad was siding with me and instigating.

It was the story of When Queens Ride By that got me to really thinking about my home and my attitude. Especially when I try to help my husband too much and I am getting taxed physically. At that point I know it will affect my mood in the evening and my sleep that night.

As I am getting older, I am finding a 20 to 30 min afternoon nap is a must for a better evening and a good nights sleep. If I am overtired I don't sleep well.

You spoke of our anxiety. I can understand that. I learned years ago something that helps me: imagine a hula hoop - one around you and one around the other person. What is happening in their hula hoop is their responsibility, not mine. The same of what is happening in my hula hoop is my responsibility and I have to answer to God for that. This has helped me put into perspective many things, even things from my childhood.

I'm off to eat lunch then have my afternoon siesta. Thank you for the broadcast.

Sending blessings,