Thursday, April 18, 2024

Updating Things

Hello Dear Ladies at home and those who want to be,

I hope to be back with a broadcast soon.

I have had my devises all updated and a grandson has corrected the camera-cutting-off problem. He is going to Greece next week with a Bible School so I have been absorbed in preparing Greek style food during his stay here. It’s so delightful that he likes audiobooks of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell. He pauses them and we make comments on the dialog. 

This is a natural photo of a recent sunset on a misty day— no visible sun all day, and then, this!!

I will be back soon, Lord willing ( and the creek don’t rise, as they say). 



RV Girl said...

Hello Lady Lydia,

What a beautiful sunset you were blessed with! Thank you for sharing this picture. I have been getting up recently to see the sunrise and even enjoyed the blue hour one morning.
I am enjoying listening to your older videos while I work around the home. I have been so inspired that I have tidied up and decorated a few small areas of my home, and it has lifted my mood greatly!
Now I have a nice spot in my room to take my afternoon tea, when I need to refresh myself.
Thank you for making these encouraging videos for us ladies at home. 🩷

Lydia said...

That’s a good idea to have one spot ready to sit in.

Homemaker's Heart said...

That is wonderful that he enjoys the audio books and you both have something to talk about. I am so impressed that you are making Greek food while he is visiting. That is quite something, I've never cooked Greek food before.

Blessings to you,

Christal said...

Can't wait until you come back, love your videos 💕