Sunday, April 28, 2024

Other Things Useful for Hard Times at Home

Hello Dear Ladies at Home (and those who want to be).

I spoke to you from this little room,  which is a guest/sewing room.

On the broadcast, I shared things from these books:

I read from the sermon "Keepers of the Springs" by Peter Marshall. If I had a "school at Ashcomb" I would insist students read and understand this missive in relation to the importance of homemakers and their influence.

The Manse in the blue light today. 

The video ended abruptly but the next one will be much better. I didn't want to throw the work away, as it took up so much of my vital voice.

Please enjoy your home while you listen today.



Simply Home said...

Love your Homekeeping Radio Podcast. Thank you!

Karen S. said...

What a beautiful photo of your home in the blue light! I have an adorable cat who has a fairly precise internal clock which causes him to wake up and come cuddle with me very close to 4:30 each morning. I have on occasion just gotten up at that time and gone out to enjoy that first light. Thank you for your broadcasts!