Friday, April 12, 2024

What You Need in Hard Times or Dire Circumstances (And It is FREE) #1

Hello Dear Ladies,

Thank you for coming. I so appreciate it ---more than I can express!!

Today I talked about a few things we need in hard times and they are FREE, and not freeze-dried. The list is provided here and you can create your own.

But first, a little cottage from my Pinterest account . The Manse would look like this just by oval-sizing the porch, door and windows 

While it is nice and green outside, it is cold. The window view will do for now. 

In Hard Times

-Personal Cleanliness 
-Careful Home Keeping and Culinary Arts 
-Courtesy, Polite Speech, Kindness , Good Manners 
-Tea Time 
-Art, Literature, Music
-Faith, Study and  Prayer
Mind and Physical Fitness
-Correspondence and Letter Writing 

Again I apologize for the abrupt ending. My team is going to fix that soon,  but please enjoy your home while you listen.


RV Girl said...

Thank you very much for the encouragement Lady Lydia. I read my son books like Little House on the Prairie to show him what it is to be a good husband and provider. I love how you talk about getting dressed for the home. After my conversion I thought dressing modestly meant wearing track pants and sweatshirts but then I read in the Bible that a woman should not dress as a man and my son has seen me take this seriously, and every day now I wear dresses or long skirts and blouses. I think this is especially important in our current culture, to be set apart in this way even at home. It has changed the way I behave as well. I am becoming more feminine.

Lydia said...

I send you my admiration for all you have overcome and the progress you have made. Your son lives in a home of hope, love and joy. It is more noble than financial success.

Lydia said...

Rv: what you posted is a good thing to tell your child. Your own knowledge is a great school curriculum.

TiffanyK said...

Thank you for this video! I definitely to needed to hear this today. I do not believe I have spent good time to really think about how I dress might affect my children and especially from their eye level. As a child I would get the latest trend from shopping malls, magazines and peers at school. This is a great example of how we should consider better ways for our children.

gracielynn's said...

Thank you so much. I so look forward to my time with you. Sorry it was cut short.. hoping you are able to share more with us later. I feel I missed some interesting info.
Blessings to you and yours