Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Did I Mention That We Were Having A New Drain Installed?

This quote from Jane Austen's "Emma" quickly came to mind the day the laundry room drain got plugged up and flooded. A wall covers access to that drain, and it would be quite a project to get to it. We know we have to do it, eventually, but for now, we've been taking the water out by bucketfuls, and walking a distance outside to dump the wash water and rinse water on thirsty plants and bushes.

A few days later both my husband and I noticed we were losing a little weight around the middle. My stomach was getting flatter and his arms were getting built up. This is really the only stressful excersise we get that targets strategic areas, so I think we'll keep the drain as it is. A rock must have fallen into it, from one of the grandson's trousers.

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