Thursday, October 20, 2005

Did I Mention We Were Having A New Drain Installed?

This saying immediately crossed my thoughts when I tried to change the subject recently, which was Emma's tactic to avoid hearing Mr. Kightley's explanation as to his jealousy of Frank Churchill. Click on the picture for a larger view. It looks like one of the scenes from the Miramax version of "Emma."

Besides being a great diversionary from unpleasant news or conversation, this comment applies to my current situation: the drain tub. We live in an older house that drains the washing machine water into a tub and then to a drain. The drain is apparently stuck up with a rock or some gravel from someone's pockets.

We have not had the time or the money to fix this problem (which is complicated), so we've been hauling the water outside by the bucket and putting it on a needed dry area of the land. After awhile both my husband and I noticed we had lost some weight and firmed up some flabby areas. Maybe we won't have a new drain installed for awhile ;-)

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Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your blog here. With your writings here and on LAF, it has encouraged me so much to be feminine and to wear dresses and skirts more. Your gentle admonitions that dresses and skirts are more feminine than pants has persuaded me more than any other "argument" I've ever heard.

Can you post some daily schedules here of how you conducted your days while homeschooling your children? I know it would encourage me and probably other ladies. Thank you.