Saturday, October 15, 2005

How to Make the World Go Away

I got these refreshing notes in my inbox today:

I’m only twenty, but I very much enjoy “Homeliving Helper.” My mother works full-time. Her mother worked part-time. My family is by no means wealthy. Yet I long for the way of life the Bible has in mind, the way of life you lift up with your lovely articles and links. With so many vile things in the media every day, I am glad your blog is available, a haven of sorts. Cacophonic voices promoting filth and the degradation of the family seem to be everywhere; it is a treat to tune my ear to the calm, beauty, and humble reason of yours. May God continue to bless you in your comings and goings.


Miss Kimberly Hettler


Dear Lady Lydia,

I wanted to pass on this link that has beautiful toys for little girls that can help them develop a love of homemaking. It is from Pottery Barn Kids:

Blessings, Tracy

In response, I have this to say:

Have you ever felt so sick of the world breathing down your neck that you wanted to run away?
We all get sick of the constant onslaught of information trying to bend our minds. Even a "nice" movie ends up having an agenda and you want to scream because some "issue" is being presented instead of a nice love story with normal emotions.

I've had great success in shutting out the world by shutting off the media, including newspapers, magazines (watch those decorating magazines too--they often tell stereotypical, unresearched fibs about the past), radio and all film. No reading material but the Bible. I just shut down all artificial communication and go back to my pioneer roots. No lights, only candles, and no noise. No entertainment except to write a letter, sing loudly (and off tune if I like it), and look at only pretty things.Visit only natural country things and keep away from the shopping centers. If you have to go near them, go in only the stress-free zones with items that please you, and with soft music.

Take a fast from the world sometime and see what you feel like in a few days. You might go through some withdrawal symptoms but don't give up. It is really worth it to bring the love of life back into your heart.

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Lydia said...

Somehow the news media has convinced us that it is a wholesome source of "news" and they get away with reporting every sordid detail of sordid sins. When the mind is constantly lured to visit those dark imageries, it can result in mental illness of all sorts. Just as we try to put good nutrients in our bodies so that we can live healthfully, we ought to fill our minds with the good, the lovely, and the pure. The Bible specifically says that things which are done in the dark, ought not to be spoken of. It does pollute the mind, and make it sick.