Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Pretty Room

While we are on the subject of getting control of the house and making a pleasant retreat for your loved ones, here is a pretty scene that may give some ideas. If only one area of the house is pretty, it will catch on. Just as allowing clutter to collect seems to attract more disorganization, I believe that creating a pretty spot can attract more order and beauty

Some links that inspire


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with this post. There is so often very little we can do to change our houses, yet if we can keep one area pretty it makes such a difference. We have four kids, including three active boys, who can create chaos in the blink of an eye, yet I find if I keep the kitchen orderly (when not in use), our bedroom tidy with the bed made, and the living room neat and peaceful, then my mood improves enormously, and my attitude is much more positive.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the inspiration to not just keep our homes clean, welcoming and comfy but also to add pretty touches. I had done many in the past but started to neglect this part of homemaking. The site especially was helpful to me. It contains so many ideas and helps in this and other areas. Now I am looking around my home thinking of little things here and there to use the things I already have in a new way to add beauty to my home. Thankyou again for the wake up call.

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Thank you for the lovely links. I so appreciate the femininity of your site!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get upset that the little "prettyness" that I manage to make in my home gets undone in an instant by the children! Do you have any practical ideas for large families as far as keeping the house goes?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristibeth,
Beauty, cleanliness and orderliness gets undone quite quickly with many small children in the home. I had five, I went through it. It bothers me a bit, (but amazes me at the same time), that I took many video shots and was quite happy with the children, when at times, (as can be seen the the video), the home was less than my ideal level of order and cleanliness. My "prettyness" spots were up high, where little hands could not reach. That worked a little bit. And my own bedroom was pretty much off limits, within reason. Couldn't make up for all of the house, of course.
My husband even took a video of the nativity scene at Christmas. As he is filming he speaks of a "Nativity Scene Massacre", while he points the camera to the absolutely destroyed Nativity. He understood how hard it was to keep a home orderly. We couldn't even keep the Christmas decorations quite right. Actually, I am glad that my kids played with the Nativity scene. It is a funny memory now.
Today, my children have grown up quite a bit, and we have some very helpful girls that love beauty and order! My oldest daughter is such a blessing to me.
I have no great helpful hints, only to encourage you to keep on making pretty places and train your children, and wait a bit. Chances are one or two of the older children will eventually be right there along your side helping you, instead of hindering. But, the wait isn't always that easy. This past month, my oldest daughter and a younger son helped me paint two rooms. And a hallway, my daughter painted all by herself. We love the colors. Sometimes, I come home from errands to find my kitchen all clean and a table cloth on the table with candles and flowers. Never thought that could happen ten years ago!
Just a thought. Hope it helps a little bit.

Mimi said...

Thank you for your kind comments about the finishing school. I threw out the idea, but I must give credit to Emma from Charming the Birds from the Trees for spurring it into action. I also must thank each of the the women who have agreed to each "teach" a class on her respective blog. This is our trial run, so we'll see how it turns out! We're looking forward to it.

It would be interesting to hear more about the finishing classes that you and your daughter did.

The Merry Rose

theups said...

Thank you for sharing these links to some LOVELY sites!!

And I, too, LOVE what Elizabeth is doing at her blog, A Merry Rose!!!

I do hope that you share about your finishing school sometime. I'm sure it was wonderful!!

Mrs. U

Gena said...

Thank you so much for this post. It has inspired me. I also love the cottages of the month that you linked us to.

My summertime goal, while we're done with school, is to "pretty up" my home. I have a beautiful home. I have, however, had a hard time making pretty places in it. It is always neat and clean, but it needs a little more personality and loveliness.