Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Creating with Scraps


These are cards made from scraps. The silver background mylar in card number 1 is cut from a silver gift bag purchased at a dollar store. I figured out that you could get more silver paper from a giant bag for a dollar than you could buying a sheet of paper in a scrapbook store. I like also that it tears easily and gives a soft finish to the edges.

The pictures come from used cards, or catalogs and magazines. They are outlined with scribbles or dimensions tee shirt glitter paint. I use silver, gold, and anything else that has glitter in it. Sometimes I add glitter over it while still wet.


The papers in number two are scrapbook papers also from the dollar store, and the butterflies are stickers. The outlined roses you see are cut from the same package of scrapbook papers found at Dollar Tree stores nationwide.


This is a clipping from an old magazine, but outlined in the glittery paint, it looks very festive. I added the glitter outline to the cup and saucer where it had a gold rim. To make it even more scrappy, I could put pieces of lace, paper doilies or bits of cloth on it.


This is another clipping from a magazine someone gave me. I used a clear glitter paint from Scribbles.\ and cut out a rose from other paper.

5. Here's a piece of an old calender. The back of most calenders have small snapshots of the entire year and they can be used for scrap cards or tags or any paper craft. I added the sticker butterfly because it had the same colors in it.

6. Another picture from an old card, placed on a vivid piece of paper, and embellished with a clipping of a rose.

7. This is a favorite because it came from catalogs. The green border is from a catalog page and the picture and butterfly, as well. All outlined in silver, it makes a card worth framing. I used half a paper doily on the end, just for softness.

Here are some of them all lined up.

I have even added bits of jewelry, in the shape of keys, or flat jewels that


The Proverbs Wife said...

These are beautiful and very creative. They are so personal and not cheap looking. You certainly have an eye for creativity. To be able to take different materials and put them together to make something so pleasing to the eye is great.

Anonymous said...

Your cards are beautiful. You are so creative. I like your suggestion to use the illustrations from the back of a calendar. Brilliant!
Would you post instructions for the cards you make from tissue paper and plastic wrap?
Those are really pretty, too.
Lynne in NC

Tan said...

I think they look great!
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

What lovely cards!

Thank you for the inspiration! I enjoy making and sending handmade cards but it is easy to get focused on doing it a certain way and it is so helpful to see new ideas especially using things we may have around our home or things that we may just be tossing out!

Again, thank you for the encouragement!


Sharon L.

Martha said...

I love your cards. What a wonderful inspiration of the beuaty we can create with unique everyday items.

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

I love making cards, too!! I have bought (at a craft store) card-making kits. I never pay full price, I use the half off coupons in the Sunday ads. I never follow the examples they show, but it is a great way to acquire a lot of stickers, background cards, etc. for very little money. You can then embellish them your own way, using other materials as well. God bless! marie

Anonymous said...

You've made such lovely cards. The colours are great and I love the pictures you've used !!
I especially like the lady with the pink rose, so beautiful !!!
Have a great day !!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! We are on a very tight budget and I get so frustrated at the price of scrapbooing/paper supplies. These are great ideas. Thank you!

Kimberline said...

What lovely ideas :) And this idea is so thrifty, too. I started thinking about how many of the parts to a card I might have around. I'd be able to make something pretty for someone else for almost no cost with things I have here at home already. I may even have envelopes left over from old Christmas cards for sending them in. All it would cost is the stamp although that is not cheap anymore, but it would be worth the price to send a smile. I'd much rather receive a home made card than one picked out from the store.

Thanks for sharing.

~~Deby said...

As a former stamper...cardmaker...what I love about this post is the way that you made these cards ZING..with things you had instead of a costly box of stamps that you use once or twice...I really think you thought*outside of the box*....and I admire your frugalness...which we know is always a good thing and a blessing to your husband and household.

Miss A said...

Mrs. Sherman,

This is Angela from L.A.F. I LOVE these cards you've made. I've been making cards too. Please come over and see them here on my blog...


Keep up the beautiful work!


Lady of the house said...

Lovely cards, Lady Lydia! Thanks for the inspiration.

GinnyBerry said...

I love these cards. You have inspired me to try and make some! I was recently very ill and received many cards. One of my favorites was one that someone created out of bits and pieces. I especially like the idea of outlining the flowers and the teacup with glitter. And I have so many odd pieces of broken jewelry that would look pretty on a card.

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. And thank you for sharing your beautiful cards.

Anonymous said...

I'm a rubber stamper but have found that I enjoy working with paper just as much. I love the silver gift bag idea for paper. I never thought of that!

Lydia said...

I'm sorry I deleted a comment. It was from an anonymous person whose opinion was that these were not very nice. I'd like to ask her to go to the card areas of stores and find one that is nice. I don't know why there is paper wasted on most of those cards, and Christmas cards are the worst. The only ones worth buying are the Thomas Kinkade ones and a few others with good art. I add glitter to any greeting cards of any sort, as there is never enough.

Anonymous said...

Less is more.