Sunday, December 02, 2007

Better At Home

The home is uniquely suited to the woman's guidance. If it truly is a home, and not a place just to sleep and eat, a woman will really being in it and caring for it. New readers to this site might conclude that being a home maker means being stuck in the house all day. It is in fact, less confining and more varying than the factory worker or the office worker, for here she is free to determine what is the best way to conduct her day. If she needs to go shopping, she may, and if she needs to rest, she may do that.

There is a tendency to read many things about the role of women, especially in a religious sense, and get the wrong idea. Sometimes it is easy to conclude that it is okay for a woman to stay home, as long as she is producing something of monetary value, or running a small business of her own. However, Christ liberated women when His inspired word was written, including Titus 2, which instructed women to care for husbands, children and the house.

If she is to do a really great job at these things, then she cannot have the distraction and competition from too many money making actitivities. What usually happens in trying to create a home industry (which there is nothing wrong with) is that it either gets neglected, or it becomes the most important thing to do. Dishes go unwashed, children are not supervised, and the laundry piles up. Proper meals are never cooked, and the homemaker is always rushing around trying to make it appear that she has been homemaking all day.

It is better to concentrate on doing the things that make your home a pleasure to be in, than trying to hold down two full time jobs: one of home making and the other of earning money. Many young women think that homemakers clean house all day without pay. However, the women of the 1950's were very smart. They took care of their husband's earnings, and sometimes doubled it by spending wisely. They knew if they were careless and lived a wild life, they could ruin their husbands and waste the paycheck. They "got paid" by their savings accounts and the riches that they collected by making a home.

Later on, some of their houses increased in value and they could sell them and retire somewhere. In the 1950's very few women worked. Single women worked but as soon as they could, they got married and gave up their jobs, and were relieved to do it. Today they are being given a spin. "Why do you want to "give up" a job, "just" to stay home?" they are asked. When it is put like that, it sounds terrible, but what if someone said, "Why do you want to give up your comfortable, lovely home, just to work an ordinary job?"

For certain, many women work because they think they are getting something they cannot get at home: a paycheck, a retirement account, medical care, and other benefits. However, if a woman will work outside the home, a husband these days will certainly let her, knowing he won't have to work as hard or be as concerned with caring for the family. He will rest on his laurels, so to speak, and get less ambitious. He won't even mind earning less than his wife. He loses his pride in being the provider...or maybe today the young men have never felt that certain pride.

I was taken aback to hear a man complain how high his house payments were. He said that his house payments were $1,000.00 a month and they were about to lose their house. I asked him why. He said, "Because Betty, my wife, only makes $1200.00 a month!" Now I have heard it all. Men have sucken to a new low, and women who work have helped them down the ladder by making the men dependent on their salaries. Women need to let men know they expect them to be the providers and they will be the caretakers of the home.

It is also hard on a woman's nerves and on her physical stamina to work a job day in and day out, and then have to take care of the home. While many men are now staying home because their wives have a bigger salary, it is not the best for them emotionally. Women are natural at nurturing and it is healthier for them to be home with their children. Too many times women are pressured into putting their children into daycare so they can hold down a full time jobs.

Women can get all the benefits they need, when their husbands really work. Retirement accounts double and triple, and the benefits in a husband's income are available for the whole family. By being the homemaker, the wife gives the husband a chance to excel in being the provider. There are many people who say that "it works for them" when the woman works, but they will find out just how much physical toll this will take on the woman. Men were created to work "by the sweat of their brow" but the last will and testament of Christ nowhere commands the women to be the providers. Rather, there is a distinct command to "marry, bear children, and keep house." I Timothy 5:14

One can see clearly the results of this: a very busy woman. If she is busy sewing and cooking and cleaning or just being there to guard it, she will not have time for wasteful living. I see young women going into drinking establishments, and as I pass by I think of all the women who stay home and care for their houses. If these women would also do that, they would not have time for social drinking. At home, a woman contributes to the world more than the eye can see at the moment. There is something far greater taking place than just cleaning house. She is passing on spiritual values to her family and her friends. She is showing a greater purpose in life--that of making a beautiful home. That is something that cannot be learned in colleges or schools or places of employment.

Recently in a college history textbook, I read an interesting part that explained to me why so many young women do not think that homemaking and wifehood is the highest a woman could possibly achieve in life. It said, amazingly with no proof and no documentation, that in the 19th century women were not allowed to work! It then went on to claim that the only thing a woman could do was keep house because she was afraid to do otherwise. Young women read these books and do not read the Bible, so they believe that homemaking is drudgery and working outside the home is better. Many of them have breakdowns from the pressure to have careers, which they were not physically created for in the first place.

Health also can be maintained better at home. When she is not well, she can take it easier. She may get horribly behind in her work but she will never lose her job. She does not have to share her working space with other people with different habits and she can control the atmosphere of her home. Lenin, Marx, and other communists, wrote that housework was demeaning, and that women ought to be liberated from it. These teachings have not been challenged enough and continue to make headway. I wrote an article earlier called "Do What God Says Do and Let Him Take Care of the Rest." It is a challenge to women to go ahead and step out on faith and become the women God made them to be. The most valued things in life are not degrees and

Concerning children: there were women of the Bible who had only one, or two children, and some who had none, yet they were counted worthy. Adam and Even only had 3 altogether, and Rebecca and Isaac only had one set of twins. Jacob'sfamily of 11 is the first really big family recorded, but then the Bible goes on to show small families again. There were several "one-child" families, as well as some who had no children. This did not mean they could not fulfill the roles they were given. Even without children, there is a huge responsiblity when you live in a house. Things have to be looked after, and you can find yourself busy all the time. Each person has the responsiblity to work with what she has been given--whether a lot of children, few children, or no children, and do it to the very best of their ability. Childless women can be happy knowing that God may be using them for something else. Women without children are able to do more for others around them, and can put more time and effort into their marriages and their houses. Those with children can be happy knowing that they have a worthwhile work ahead of them in training those children. There are advantages in both states.

Generally, home is a better place to be. It is here that women can rest, and they can prepare natural foods into good meals, and where they can be at ease.


Anonymous said...

People can still post portions of your articles, whether for criticism or for praise, without your permission and regardless of copyright. So long as they aren’t pasting big chunks of your work, they can cite the Fair Use portion of US Copyright Law.

The Proverbs Wife said...

Many may not agree with the point of view expressed in your post but you have my vote of encouragement. I wouldn't give up being at home and caring for my family for any other opportunity. I know with every part of me that I am doing what God wnts me to do with my life. I am more content than most of my friends who work outside of the home.

Some people view Gods vision for the home as me just being a lazy wife and my husband being weak.

People have commented to my husband that how did he let me take advantage of him. These are often his unsaved co-workers with the marriage problems.

It's also some of our saved friends who have allowed their wives to stay home that make sinde remarks about their wives ability to keep the home neat and clean.

They comment about how thier wives don't cook and they make comments such as "What do these women do all day?" My husband and I just look at one another and smile.

We must begin to encourage young women of the joy and peace that comes with following Gods plan for the wife. Being at home provides a reward that can't be found in any other occupation.

I have really enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad to see the comments section back up and running! There are a few things I've been wanting to add my two cents to...

When my English class read the book "1984," I was chilled by how easily and efficiently the government could rewrite history to suit their liking. Even more chilling is how this seems to be the actual case nowadays. It seems that people assume that since women today despise marriage, put off children and cheer the word of feminism, that every woman throughout all history had done so as well. The heroines of historical romances and dramas, be it books or movies, always seem to carry scarily modern ideas. The beautiful young lady who would rather go see the world than settle down with a loving husband. Girls who scorn the suggestion of being ladies. Cheeky, overbearing women constantly showing up their suitors with smart replies and condescending remarks worded to make the men seem incapable. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't their a time when women graciously accepted the roles they were blessed with? If so, why have those centuries seem to have been terribly rewritten in order to stuff the lines full of feminist beliefs?
Another point I really love is how many don't seem to completely grasp what a woman's role truly is. I always have to wonder, when I'm "accused" of being a submissive, obedient housewife-to-be, do they really think I am offended? Obedience and submission seem to have become foul words and insults. Perhaps, if more people would read articles such as this, which is intended to share and inform, and pay less attention to the less-than-accurate fiction made to entertain, their notions about the beauty of a woman's God given role wouldn't be so distorted. God made me a woman and entrusted that I would dutifully carry out the responsibilities of being a woman, and I hope to do so with grace.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

My spouse finally gave me the option to be a stay-at-home wife. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me--I have spent the past decade juggling work and family life, feeling that I was succeeding at neither. I am looking forward to just being a homemaker and putting all my energy into our family life. Thank you for your strong stance on the importance and dignity of homemaking. You gave me the moral courage to press for the right to do the most important job a woman can do--taking care of her home and family. God bless you and your blog--don't let naysayers discourage you! Miss Kris

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fabulous article. It truly is a joy and privilege to fulfil the role with which the Lord has blessed us; keeper of the home. LML

Anonymous said...

Your blog was recommended to me by a dear friend.
What a wonderful gift she sent me when she gave me the link!
As a mother of 12 children, I NEEDED the encouragement that I have found on your Blog!
God bless you for it!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

How sad that some people have excerpted your fine posts for the purpose of mockery! Your sight is a delight and many of us gain so much inspiration from it.