Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Daily Life With A Husband

I just wanted everyone to know that there are over 300 articles here and I have only labelled about 12. When you click on the subject, such as hospitality, decorating, etc. you won't get much. I am working little by little to get everything categorized.

Following up with another request, I would like to describe the interaction of a married couple during a day.

The first thing I do after I get up is put a kettle full of freshly drawn water on the stove to boil. While I'm waiting for that I may get dressed and prepared for the day. Then I go and pour the boiling water into a tea pot with my husband's favorite tea, or pour it through a filter into a cup of coffee. His favorite is Kona from Hawaii and he buys the beans fresh and grinds them in a little grinder. He's the only one who drinks coffee so that is why I make only one cup. The aroma for it is wonderful and fills up the kitchen with a happy feeling.

While he is in the shower, I make his breakfast and pack his to take to work with him. Although he is a minister in a little country church, he also has a part time job helping people board the airplanes, at the local airport. These are strange hours, often quite early, depending on the flights.

The breakfast is cooking altogether in the pan. I cook eggs in water, often called coddled eggs and add some kind of meat that he likes, such as turkey sausage.

I pack his lunch in a container, and here is one of his favorites:

Salmon salad made with salmon, shredded greens (romain, red and green lettuce, chard, arugula, radicchio, parsley, dill, mixed with shredded iceberg lettuce). I put the cooked salmon on top of this bed of greens and on top of that I add a half avocado, chopped. He likes celery so I make a celery cheese type of snack and put that in one of the sections of the container. I peel a clementine and take the sections apart and put it in another part of the container. He does have a sandwich once in awhile but has gotten so used to salads that he says he misses them when he doesn't have them.

While he eats his breakfast I look around for his wallet and keys, tie-tack, jacket, shoes and all those things he usually asks if I've seen. I don't do anything with them, I just locate them and then I can say I know where they are.

After he leaves, I go around the house and straighten things up. I iron his shirt and pants for the next day and catch up on the laundry. I clean the bathroom and check

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