Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sewing Lesson

A young lady, age 10, comes to see me once a week and learns to sew. We are hoping to put all her learning projects into a scrapbook to record her progress and enable her to look at samples.
Her first lesson was threading a needle and tying a knot. Then she learned about how to handle scissors and care for them. Each of these things will be recorded in her scrapbook, along with pictures of her doing them.
Every Friday she takes home a finished project. With just the knowledge of a simple stitch, she has been able to make a skirt for herself and her doll, a little pincushion, a bag, and several table cloths. I use gingham fabric so that she has a line to follow for her stitches.
She also preshrinks her fabric for the next project and irons it.


Mom of Five said...

I'm so happy you opened comments again, I've been wanting to comment about your lovely teacup for several days!

I think the lessons you are giving this girl are so sweet. My dd is 10and has learning to knit, crochet, and sew this year. They're so much fun to watch!

Mrs. H said...

How wonderful! As a grown woman I'd love to have someone like you to work with! I am slowly trying to teach myself now. How nice that you are doing this. I hope that by the time my daughter is old enough to learn to sew, I'll be good enough at it to teach her. Right now, my husband is actually more skilled at sewing that I am. I think he payed closer attention in home economics in middle school than I did.
I think it is wonderful that you are teaching this girl to sew!

~~Deby said...

What a blessing you are to her...and I am blesses you as well....
I am not young, but would love to come too....

nannykim said...

Very thoughtful--love the idea about a scrapbook where she has pictures etc of what she has learned.

Paula said...

I think it is very wonderful you are teaching this young lady to sew--I wish I knew how to sew more--mine is pretty limited to sewing patches on my boys shirts by hand!