Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Links

Here are a few things I did for Valentines day. You can click on each one for a larger view.

This is a corner table with a wood placemat, teleflora tea cup, vine, and basket of nylon flowers. The rest of my house is not in the best shape, but this corner makes me smile and give me energy.

My muslin living room curtain for a 105" wide window was made with 120" muslin. Here it is tied with a wired pink dotted ribbon from the dollar store. Just substitute the colors of your choice to make things like this in your own style.

The fireplace mantel decorated with a few treasures. Grandmother's chair is on the left. It is here my husband sits. We cover the head area with one of her pieces of lace. She used it to keep the chair clean.

Close up of the mantel area.

I tried my hand at the old fashioned paper doily heart, backed with a piece of shiny paper cut from a mylar bag from the dollar store. The dollar store also has very large bags, so there is no need to spend a lot of money.The key comes from earings from the dollar store. Each earing had two keys on it.

These were some hearts I made for a heart garland. They are made of poster paper, iron-on paper, fabric, folkart glitter paint in clear, and dimensions or scribbles polymer tee shirt paint for the edges. I made up the pattern and will be happy to provide it at a later time.

I'm getting ready to update links. Please put yours here if you want to be on the side bar.


wendybirde said...

Hi Lady Lydia,

I'd love to still be on your sidebar. The blog is 'A Bluebird's Table' at

Peaceful Week : ) Wendy

Cherish the Home said...

What a pretty glittery heart!

I would like very much to be in your sidebar.

Cherish The Home

Thank You!

Just Me said...

Your mantel is just lovely, Lady Lydia! I might copy that arrangement you have - so sweet!

I would be honored if you would consider putting my blog on your list. I can say that the reason I began it was because of this blog of yours.

My blog is at:

Thank you.

Mrs. Fey

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia I would like to be linked too; if you are willing. I link to you on my own blog.

My blog is A Bend in the Road

Your little vignettes are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Please include me once again...

Thank you,

BessieJoy said...

I'd feel honored to be on your sidebar!

Thanks for all the encouragement you so freely give to us!


Anna said...

Count me in at pleasantviewschoolhouse.blogspot,com!

Lynn said...

Thank you, Lady lydia - I have enjoyed looking at your decorating pictures.

I would very much like to be included in your sidebar.

Best wishes,

Amy said...

What beautiful pictures! Your blog never fails to inspire and encourage me :D

I would be honored to be linked on your sidebar dear Lady Lydia. :o)

~Mrs. Brigham

Unknown said...

I haven't been by here in awhile. I forgot what a blessing I always receive when here. Your little home in the snow was so peaceful to look at!

I dont' think I've ever been on your side bar and don't know if my blog is even the type you would consider linking to. I wouldn't mind being on your sidebar at all! If you so choose to link to me, the address is

Cherish the Home said...

Ooh---I like the rest of your home pictures as well. For some reason when I commented last time only the heart picture showed up.

65656 said...

Very Pretty!

I'd like to be in your sidebar

Lydia said...

today Blogger gave me a tremendous amount of trouble: it would not post all the pictures. That is why they came on much later.

Martha said...

I would love to be included in your links bar. Thanks so much for the invite. I love the pictures of your lovely decorations. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Lovely inspiration! Thank you!

I, too, would like to be included in your side bar.



June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for your wonderful blog that continues to inspire as always. I definitely would like to be added to your sidebar again---thank you!

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

And many blessings to you...

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,

Your home is lovely, but that piece of lace on your mantel is spectacular. I wish could do something like that. I can knit, crochet and sew but the lace is beyond me. Thank you for sharing!

in His peace,

p.s. I don't have a blog, but I certainly enjoy reading everyone elses!

Lydia said...

Please keep me on!!

Your tea cup and stand look exactly like mine. Very pretty.

Thank you so much.

Joyful Mama said...

I would be honored to have a link on your side bar. I am so inspired by this site to be a Godly homemaker.

Where the Creek Meets the Lake

I also love your other site as well (the Guard the Home one!).

Shan said...

I would be ever so grateful to have you include my blog:

Honey Hill Farm.....a gentle life

Thanking you kindly,

LadySnow said...

Very pretty! :D

Emily said...

That looks lovely!!! You said in this post: "The rest of my house is not in the best shape, but this corner makes me smile and give me energy" I know JUST what you mean! Our house is not in the best shape either, having pretty little corners here and there does so much! Thank you so much for sharing! =)

Emily said...

By the way, feel free to include my blog in your sidebar if you'd like. =)

50s Housewife said...

Lady Lydia, your home is lovely and your blog is always inspiring to me!

I would love to be included in your links. :)

Alexandra said...

I'd love to be apart of your blog family. Please consider me for your sidebar.

Great idea using muslin for drapes. I'll have to consider that for sheers under my makeshift drop cloth drapes which I made for our den.

Alexandra said...

So sorry, I neglected to quick link to my blog:

Thanks so much. :)

Lydia said...

Thank you so much for the links, which I will post when I get the time. The sage green runner on the mantel top is a battenburg runner purchased at a discount store and dyed with Rit dye. All battenburg lace consists of is a long strip of cotton ribbon similar to bias tape, and joined here and there to make a design, leaving large loops to look like lace. It is usually manufactured.

Sherry said...

I so enjoy the loveliness of your blog, and it would be an honor to be included in your sidebar (though my blog is rather a mixed bag!).

Miss A said...

What a great idea about using the key from a pair of earrings from the dollar store! I'll be looking for some of those because I think a key adds such a nice touch to a card~especially a valentine card!

Please count me in...

The Return Home

Abounding Treasures said...

Lady Lydia,

Your blog has been encouraging, inspiring and challenging to me and I would feel very honoured to be included on your sidebar.

Mrs M

Abounding Treasures

candy said...

It's all lovely!

I would also loved to be added to your sidebar :)
My blog is called: "Candy's"
and my address is:
It's about decorating and homekeeping.

I love your home!!!

~ Candy in Canada

Becky said...

Dear Lady Lydia.
Thanks for all your inspiring ideas.
It's great to always be encouraged!!!
Greetings Becky

Jo said...

I love your blog so much. It's so inspirational to me. I would love it if you could consider linking to mine.

Thank you so much, ~Jo

Carolyn said...

I would love a spot on your sidebar!!


Trish said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful site! I would like to invite you to look at my site and consider putting it on your side bar. I'm still "getting a feel" for blogging and working on my site.