Thursday, September 04, 2008


"Of all this, I might have been mistress."
(Elizabeth, in "Pride and Prejudice," by Jane Austen)
First view of the homestead lake, after 37 years.Packing Iron
That's what I call "protection." (Although, if I had to shoot a bear, I would leave it there. I am not going to skin it.)
Comments are open now! Everyone in the woods has a computer, and I can post the comment.


Laura Ashley said...

wow... Is it that dangerous there? Is that the way it was when were growing up?

Ashley said...

The lake looks lovely! I hope you are having a great time visiting your old home.

In Christ,

Lydia said...

Laura: yes, it was that way when I was growing up, but now, it is worse. Since there is more restriction on hunters, bears are coming closer to people and their homes.

Lillibeth said...

Well, when can we all move up there and where will we build the tea room???

Katherine said...

Wow, it looks very wild and beautiful out there.What is the weather like?
Sincerely,your correspondent,

Dawn said...

It sure is pretty. What a wonderful creation He has made! Be careful dear one!

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

~ Dawn

Mrs. A said...

Oh Mrs. Sherman, you look like you're having a wonderful time!!!!

Take plenty more pictures for us please!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful.

candy said...

To my dear friend, Lydia,
I love these pictures of you in Alaska....simply beautiful!
Love Candy :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your holiday brings back lovely memories of your childhood growing up in an Alaskan homestead.

Here's wishing you don't have to use your gun at all!

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

The lake looks so serene and beautiful. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You look so happy there. That's how I feel when I visit my old home. So glad you're enjoying your trip back.


Mrs. Anna T said...

How lovely. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

Ace said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy and come back refreshed!

Since you are in Alaska and you are Lady Lydia, I have to ask, are you going to do a post on Sarah Palin?

Many Blessings :)

yoshi3329 said...

Sorry about the bears. But you look great! Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful and so does the lake.

Aelwyn said...

There must be more restrictions there in Kenai. Here, at least according to my husband, bear hunting is open all year round. Of course, it could be because this is a bit more developed. We still have bears in the neighborhood, but I have only seen a glimpse of one once while driving when my brother (who was visiting) said, "Is that a bear?" as it crossed the street from one house to another.

Anonymous said...

I have that skirt. Yours looks like its in better condition though. LOL.

I like it when Jane and Lizzy are talking after Lizzy makes her engagement known and Jane asks how long has she loved Darcy. Her reply always has me laughing hysterically,
"I believe it happened after I saw his estate at pemberly".
Paraphrasing. I cannot recollect the exact words.

Aelwyn said...

I asked my husband and he reminded me that it is black bear that is unrestricted. We have more of them here in the MatSu than grizzly. The grizzly is very protected.