Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recent Calendars on Lovely Whatevers

The First Recital by Sandra Kuck

available at

Just a reminder to look at for the latest addition of pretty calendars. They are great art for your home, and the cost actually only amounts to about $1.00 a month. The newest calendar on this site is a Sandra Kuck edition. "The First Recital", above, is one of her paintings, but this one is not in the calender. However, all the paintings on this new calendar are just lovely if you like that kind of art. My "staff" and I will be searching around for a calendar for African-American ladies, to add soon. I like the art of Melinda Byers and Consuelo Gamboa, which I have also featured on Lovely Whatevers. Scroll down and see some other beautiful art calenders of scenery and still life that will enhance your home.

I have been asked to write on several different subjects, and hopefully, I'll be posting on them, in the near future. Be sure to visit Little Jenny Wren a blog of a contented homemaker.


Shannon said...

That is such a beautiful print- I love that style of art.

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Have a great day!

Anneatheart said...

Dear Lydia,

I remember awhile back you posted about how to keep things 'homey' when making a drastic move, either to another country or just far away from where you are now. Could you direct me to where it is on your blog?

I am going to be moving from Texas to Upper Michigan...two VERY different places. (I have air conditioning on here now, up there it's COLD!) I need to refresh my memory with the tips you gave in that post. Thank you.


Lydia said...

Jessica, I can't find it at the moment but maybe there are others with great ideas who will comment. If it is a drastic move, the feeling of home has to be more emphasised. When I moved from Texas to the west coast, I arranged and decorated the house exactly as I had it before. It was nice that the house was similar in layout, so that there was not a really foreign feeling. Some people enjoy chucking everything and starting over, but others find it too unsettling, so if you are a nester, you really need to keep things as much the same as you had before.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lady Lydia and Readers,

The calendars prints, post cards and other accessories produced by artists who paint with feet or mouths (due to serious injury or illness) are lovely, vibrant, cheerful and generally a delight. I have been availing myself of their calendars and cards for the past three years now, and such are wonderful - also perfect for recycling into home-made cards or other 'salvage' crafts. They are inexpensive and the money one does pay goes directly to the artists themselves who run their enterprises not as charities but fully fledged businesses. they've been around since 1973, commencing in Germany I believe begun by @@II veterans thus afflicted who sought to reinstill the dignity into their lives that catastrophic injury or disability can strip in a heartbbeat. Sorry for this ramble; I am just so passionate for this cause and genuinely believe their art to be excellent. they're now worldwide. They produce some of the finest religeous Christmas cards you'll come across also (a few gems thrown in with the pack) - also focusing on god's creation; the Australian sets always include 'bush' scenes and at least one rural setting, as well as still life and other pieces).

May everyone here be fully blessed and blessed abundantly!!

Mrs. E.,
Australia.lovliest art