Saturday, October 04, 2008

Inspiring Link for Today

I'm sure everyone will enjoy "Under the Gables" today!
Please check in on Lovely Whatevers.
We have sorted through all the "junk" at the online art stores, and found the prettiest calendars for next year. Everyone knows I try to be ultra-frugal, and not spend money if I can help it, but the calandar is with me all year and I think the pictures we stare at all month are so important, especially if there are children around. The choice you make in a calandar will feed your mind with beauty or with discouragement, so it is worth the money to get a really high-classed calandar. You can use it again for scrapbooks, and even frame the pictures later on. We are going to keep searching and adding more pretty calandars to this site, so if you know of any that are not there, please post them here.
Would the women who are "in over their heads" or lacking in homemaking skills, be willing to indicate on a post as to what approximate area they live? We can find volunteers on this site, maybe, to go and give you a little help.


Anonymous said...

I am "lacking in skills", and think that this is a lovely thought. I live in Minnesota :).

Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling particularly overwhelmed at the moment, but I'm sure I would love a few suggestions and inspirations! I'm in Colorado.

Also, regarding calendars, I agree absolutely that they are important as we see them all year round. Mine tend to be of impressive nature scenes. The magesty in Creation reminds me of the power and providence of Our Creator. :)

Aelwyn said...

This was a lovely link! I loved the art on this blog.

Dawn said...

My mom always gets me a Thomas Kinkade calander every year for Christmas so I have fun reusing the old ones for envelopes, cards, ect. :)
Can't got wrong with TK!

Sunday blessings,

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great idea, Lydia. I live in southeastern Virginia and I would be glad to volunteer to give some help.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the beautiful calendars but when you link to Allposters they're not available but Amazon has most of them.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lady Lydia,

I'll be happy to throw my hat in the ring if ladies in Australia need help. You know my circumstances and that I would not be able to meet with them unless they can get to me or are local; though I'd be happy to help via email or even phone if folk wish.

As for calendars, I always get the ones produced by the artists who paint with feet or mouths (artists with disabilities preventing them from useing their hands). These are always beautiful, vibrant and proper; their greeting cards, prints, bookmarks, gift tags and the like are also stunning!

May God bless you and everyone else here,


Mrs. E.,