Thursday, October 09, 2008


Last year I saw a "Fairytale Pumpkin" for the first time, and it seemed so historical looking, as if it came straight out of an old world story, that I was determined to get one this year. I had to look hard to find it, though, and the produce department had them hidden in a back room. Someone brought one out for me at my request. Here is a picture of a fairytale pumkin on this delightful blog:

I have my fairytale pumpkin all shined up so that it looks like there are streaks of real copper and gold and silver on it, and it sits in the middle of the little table by the couch in the front room. I understand these can sometimes last a whole year if you keep them outside or in a cool place. They can be used decoratively, but I have not tried to eat one yet.
Above, is a picture of the one I bought at Safeway. I had to ask at produce if they had "fairytale pumpkins" and they took me to the back room where they stock everything and let me pick my own. I felt like I was buying contraband, the way I snuck in and back out again. There were so few of them in the pile and I got the most colorful one I could find.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia;
We have grown these pumpkins for a few years. It is true that they can keep for a long time, I had one for 10 months, just sitting on the wooden shelf in my pantry (where it is generally around 10'C)

They have thick and delicious flesh. They are absolutely for eating...they are almost impossible to carve!

I can highly recommend them. Gill.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are they called Fairytale Pumplins in the seed catalogs? Does anyone know which seed companys in the United States carry this seed? They are soooo pretty! I saw them in a room in a magazine but they didn't mention their name. Thankyou for letting us know. Jody

Unknown said...

I showed my kids the picture over at striving4contentment and they want to grow them next year. If anyone finds out what company has the seeds, please come back and post!

We love having pumpkins to use in our fall decorating. Ours didn't do well because it was actually too wet and cool this year, but we only grew one variety. We did have an odd thing happen off a "volunteer" pumpkin that came up from seed in our compost pile. I'm sure this was probably a hybrid pumpkin seed the prior year when it was grown, but from the seed we got what was defintely a pumpkin vine, but the fruit looked like a zuchini squash. We let it grow til it was fully done. Happily, it turned orange and is keeping like a pumpkin. Ok, it looks FUNNY in our fall decoration of mums and straw bales and pumpkins, but funny is INTERESTING, right? :D


Anonymous said...

If you do a web search, you can find the seeds. I found two companies that sell them.

Our local farmers market has these every year. They are enchanting!

Kelli said...

Dear Lydia, it reminds me of the pumpkin in the Cinderella tale! What a lovely idea for the season!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Now I want one...I wonder if there is anywhere to get one around here.

They might be on the list to grown next year.

Absolutely lovely,