Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Riches and Treasures of Home

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Imagine checking your mail and getting a beautiful box with lovely things that lift your heart and make you smile. These days, when even a letter is rare, receiving a package containing a lovely book that is calming and uplifting (and glorifies God), a bookmark of the same genre, a recipe book, and several other good things, is truly a treasure.

A beautiful and inspiring book is now available at called "The Riches and Treasures of Home." Check out the blog also here

I have seen the online version of this book and want to own it so I can hold it in my hands and touch it and enjoy the sights from the glorious pages, which are "lovely, good, pure, and virtuous."

Each beautifully decorated page of this book signifies the "riches and treasures of the home" by detailing the appointments of the home. Sections on the writing desk, the dressing table, the tea table, the spice cabinet, and other activities enjoyed at home in previous times, make you realize you can re-create it all inside your own home, especially with the help of this book!

The book is reminiscent of a time when books had the sentimental sketches of the home. At the same time it has a bright freshness that illustrates the soft sweetness that people seek for the home in this day and age. I know you will want to own this book and gift someone else with it. I, of course, am particularly taken with the "humble Victorian art" in this book. I described this kind of art and put several pictures from old postcards on a previous post here, but this book has even more sentimental versions of that art.

This image is from Victorian clip-art.

If you procure this wonderful book, you get a lifetime treasure that will be loved by family members and friends of all age groups. It is something you can be proud to display on a shelf or a coffee table; a perfect gift for a few tea-party friends.


Tracy said...

I can't wait to receive my copy. It is a beautiful treasure indeed! :)

Just Me said...

I definitely plan to buy this book. I've been eagerly awaiting it.

Kelli said...

What a beautiful book - a breath of fresh air! I shall put it on my wish list! Thank you for sharing another treasure!

It's a blessing to be back online again after such a long absence. This is just the encouragement I needed! Thank you!

Many blessings,

Lillibeth said...

A beautiful book, and beautiful sites, as well!