Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Card Craft

It takes a little more effort to make this pretty paper napkin or gift-tissue covered card, but it is worth a try, just to get this artistic result.

Cut a card and fold it three ways, making two sections exactly the same, and the top piece smaller, as shown on the right in the picture. Just use the long side of a piece of card stock, and cut it to fit your envelope.

The materials used were scalloped tissue paper, card stock, ribbon, high quality plastic food-wrap.
Lay a piece of brown paper bag on the ironing board. On top of that, put your card, and on top of it, a layer of saran wrap, like you see in the picture.

Then put your paper napkin over the saran wrap (it will have to be separated, and just use the printed layer), and on top of that, another piece of brown paper bag.

With iron on hottest setting, press down firmly and then iron back and forth a little. Every few seconds, lift up the iron. This will melt the plastic and make a bond between the napkin and the card.

Let the layers cool a little bit and then peel back the brown paper. Press again directly on the card, just to catch any parts that did not stick to the card, and to give it a nice smooth surface.

Trim around the decorative scallops and trim off excess tissue paper.

Place a ribbon handle inside the top fold, with clear tape. Outline the edges with Polymer or Scribbles paint from a tube, and add a jewel to the middle of the flap by making it with glitter glue inside a round circle. It does have some drying time, so if you want instant results, use your gell pens or some paper trims. You can put a message on the inside.
You can do this with any patterned paper if you want to have less trouble.

I have a few more ideas coming up soon.


Lori said...

That is just darling!! I love it! I see all of these handmade cards on everyone's blogs and wish I could do that!! I may very well give this one a try. So cute! Thank you for doing a tutorial.
I very much enjoy your blog...I'm a frequent reader...everytime you post...I read. :)
God bless!

Lydia said...

If you get any plastic wrap on the iron, just remove it by making sure the iron is on the hottest setting, and rubbing the surface on the brown paper until the plastic is removed. said...

Adorable! These cards that you share have really helped me and my girls to reach out. We love making the mailbox card for friends and putting "mail" in it and can't wait to do this one. I don't think we would have taken the time to send notes of love and encouragement without your great and beautiful ideas. Thank you.

Also, I didn't comment on your "for better or for worse" post, but it was wonderful for me and just what I needed - I have been living it and passing on the wisdom to my sisters and friends that get discouraged in their marriages. Many blessings to you,

Mrs. Santos

Lydia said...

Mrs, Santos: I am tinkring with a mail box post tht is not a card, that children will have a lot of fun using in the house.

Lori, this card is easier if you just use a piece of printed paper from the scrapbook section of the hobby store. You can also buy a sheet of stick-on diamonds for about a dollar. This card will have to go in an envelope, so folding is the only precise thing that is necessary.

Mrs. Santos, I also have another marriage post coming up.