Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home Life Provides Protection For Women

The home can provide the perfect environment for protecting women. It is there that they can determine for themselves what will, and what will not be tolerated. They can decide whether or not they want the world to come in to their homes, through the media or through their associates. They can decide just how much socialization is necessary for them and how much is just too much.

In a previous post, I showed how our daughters can protect themselves by dressing modestly. There are also other ways of protection for women. Too often, we make the mistake of thinking that since this is a "free country" that women can roam freely without caution, just anywhere they please. It is especially important for older women to caution younger women to behave in a safe manner.

One such caution is in the area of the public. When women are not accompanied, they can become vulnerable to attack. They do not realize that they are in danger. They feel carefree. There was a time in this country that women felt they had to have an escort, either a husband, father or brother, when in public. Although there may not be obvious danger, this is a "better safe, than sorry," policy that works.

Another way that women need to protect themselves is by protecting their homes. They do not need to answer the door, or answer phone calls that they are not expecting, or that seem a little odd, to them.

There are other places that have an outward look of peace and safety, but are not safe. Colleges are some of them. Many women today can testify of their own college experience, even in Christian colleges, and will tell you that there are none that are 100% safe, for girls without their parents or guardians. There are many alternatives to public education these days that are not only safer, they also provide excellent education and training for the future. I have explained in previous articles, that colleges today operate on an archaic system

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