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Call Your Representative About This Urgent Family Matter

Please make sure to call your representatives about the unconstitutional interference of the UN in America.
They don't bite. They are your employees!
You pay them to represent you.

Sample Letter:

HJM 23 urges the US to take up the United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child.

I strongly oppose any action of this sort, for a number of reasons.

1. Sovereign people do not willingly subject themselves to foreign control.
The United States of America is a Sovereign nation,
and its citizens are to be subject only to the laws of the United States.

No representative of a United States Citizen
should attempt to cede any portion of a United States Citizen's rights
to the oversight of a foreign committee, body, or nation.

No representative of a United States Citizen
should attempt to pass legislation
which could be perceived as recognizing
any earthly legislative body
with authority overarching that of United States.

If there is some principle worth adopting in UN Resolution 44/25,
then it may be evaluated in principle
for the establishment of a new United States Law,
or a new law of one of the United States,
without reference to
or acknowledgment of
any higher earthly lawmaking body
than that of the United States Legislative Branch.

This is a first principle of all sovereign nations,
which no reasonable representative would attempt to confound.

By definition,
it is a plain and straightforward act of treason
to forward any business
which could subject the sovereign people of the United States
to a foreign power on their own soil.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of Treaties does not permit member nations to invalidate treaties which conflict with their internal laws:

United Nations Convention on the Law of Treaties, Article 27:
“ A party may not invoke
the provisions of its internal law
as justification
for its failure to perform a treaty.”

Our laws are the product of a Democratic process.
The laws of the United Nations are the product
of a far distant political fabrication
which does not owe any direct accountability to
or suffer any direct supervision by
the citizens of its "member" nations.

This brings me to the second Foundational principle being affronted by HJM 23:
2. Democratically self-governing people avoid structural hazards to their legal foundations.

Part of the genius of Democracy
is that it respects the inherent structural hazard
of unnecessary institutional distance
between the subjects of law
and the makers of law.
The greater the institutional distance
the makers
the subjects
of law,
the greater the likelihood
for the maker of law
to oppress,
either through ignorance or disrespect,
the subjects of law.
the greater the sensitivity of a decision
to highly localized information,
the greater the harm
in subjecting that decision
to oversight from a very distant law making body.

If, for instance,
your child is about to run into a thicket
which you can see is hiding a hunting trap,
there would be great harm in inserting a layer of government
between you and your child.

The necessary information required for a right decision
is of a highly localized nature.

It is of no secondary importance
that it is also of a highly time sensitive nature.

By relocating the ultimate authority for many critical aspects of child raising
from the parent to a distant, overarching legal body,
HJM 23 acts to confound the essential genius of Democracy,
and to set a freakish precedent for further degradations of our Republic.

No reasonable representative of a Democratically self-governing people
would attempt to set a precedent for the rule of the United Nations
overarching that of current local, state and federal bureaucracies.

3. Mature Adult Parents retain the inherent and God-given right to raise their children according to their own values,
and recognize the ceding of that control as an act of negligence.

The Preamble to General Assembly resolution 44/25 (Convention on the Rights of the Child)
states that
"...the child should be...brought up in the spirit of the ideals
proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations..."
I am a Christian father who intends to bring up my children
in the Spirit and ideals of the New Testament of Jesus Christ -
-by the life and example of Christ.

The spirit and ideals of the Charter of the United Nations
is subject to the shifting sands of distant political machinations.
It is an intrinsically poor choice for a child's foundational authority.

The Spirit and ideals of Jesus Christ are constant through the ages, have produced highly productive, mature adults for the past two millenia, are foundational to Western culture and to this nation which, to this point has afforded us the great freedoms we enjoy

. The Spirit and ideals of Jesus Christ are an intrinsically good choice for a child's foundational authority.

It would be an act of grave negligence to turn over control of my children to a man whom I did not know. Likewise, it is an act of negligence to imply the faintest hint of dominion of the United Nations over my children, as the United Nations is a body comprised of people and principles which are not knowable except in the immediate present.

The people and principles of this international construction may change in the next twenty four hours.

They already are, in the immediate present in sharp conflict with Biblical child raising, in one key point especially, which brings me to my final point:

4. Biblical Doctrine teaches corporal punishment as an essential, though small,
component of child raising, which the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child directly denies.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, stated in their General Comment No. 8 (2006): The right of the child to protection from corporal punishment and other cruel or degrading forms of punishment (arts. 19; 28, para. 2; and 37, inter alia), CRC/C/GC/8, (2006):

“The Committee is issuing this general comment to highlight the obligation of all State parties to move quickly to prohibit and eliminate all corporal punishment…. Addressing the widespread acceptance or tolerance of corporal punishment of children and eliminating it, in the family, schools and other settings, is … an obligation of State parties under the Convention.”

Pro 13:24 Whoever spares the shêbeṭ hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him. (shêbeṭ is from an unused root meaning to branch off - a switch from a sapling for instance.)

When a Christian parent sees that his child is badly misbehaving,
he does not permit the behavior to persist.

He calmly goes outside and pulls a slender, small shêbeṭ (switch) from a bush or tree.

He goes back inside, gently takes the child aside and tells the child in a calm voice
that he is going to get a switching and that the behavior will not be allowed to continue.
He gives the child a swat or two on the bare bottom.
The child cries and comes back to his senses.
He "reboots" as it were.
The parent asks the child if he understands why he was disciplined,
and when the child asks to be forgiven,
he gives him a hug and tells him that all is forgiven.
The child goes back to what he was doing knowing that he has been disciplined,
and that his slate is clean, and that he is now right with his father or mother.
He may very likely be exceptionally well behaved for a good while to come.
The parent in this situation can well afford to keep his calm,
knowing how well the discipline works,
and how little of it is going to be needed over the total child raising process.
Pro 29:17 Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart.
He can also be calm because the switch only stings - it does not injure the child.
He may want to test out a switch on his arm once or twice to calibrate his stroke.
Contrast this to the harm that is caused
when a parent becomes so aggravated by a rude child
that he or she loses his composure and begins loudly berating the child.
He subjects his child to the abuse of beholding an adult
who is no more in control over himself than the the child is over himself.
This is real abuse - because children have a fundamental need to see
that their parents are as in control over themselves
as they are over the home in general.
There is a bizarre collection of psychological flotsam and jetsam afloat in our cultural waters that posits that if a parent spanks their child,
the child will grow up to become a violent person.
The facts are otherwise.
Detective Robert Surgenor is in charge of the Juvenile Crime unit
of an Ohio police department.
He has interviewed hundreds of juvenile offenders and their families
and found that the majority of violent juvenile offenders come from homes
where there is no corporal punishment.
In his book, No Fear, Detective Surgenor relates an example:
"It took the help of five other police officers to assist me in getting the handcuffs on the fifteen -year-old boy
who had just broken his mother's nose, knocked his father to the floor, and thrown a table through the front window.
As I compiled the information for the report, the mother indicated that they had lost control of the boy at an early age.
Time-outs and groundings just never worked.
When I asked the mother if they had ever tried spanking the boy when he defied their authority,
she replied angrily,
'We don't believe in spanking. Violence begets violence!'
I wondered if she realized how foolish she sounded."
-xiii, No Fear.
Parents who withhold discipline from their children abuse them. Biblically speaking, they hate them; and their children may at times grow up to return the sentiment in one way or another.
Pro 29:15 The shêbeṭ and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother.
A youth culture comprised of such children can bring shame upon an entire nation.
My right to raise my child according to Biblical values,
is not granted to me by the State,
but is rather to be recognized as a God-given, pre-existing, intrinsic quality of parenthood.
I am commanded of God to bring up my children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, for their good - so that they will lead happy, well adjusted and productive lives.
Corporal punishment is a very small, but extremely necessary part of Biblical child raising. Of course there are many other aspects to Biblical child training that I am not going into at present.
I can say from personal experience that the more Biblical the discipline, the less need there is of it. The more lax the discipline, the more demand there is for it. Self titled parenting czars may decry spanking, but the facts of existence and experience are against them. The future belongs to cultures which discipline their children. Cultures which do not discipline their children ultimately degrade and finally self-destruct.
I would go on at further length on this subject but I have already given up several hours of family time to write thus far.
Thank you for your consideration,

(Article 18)20 Things You Need to Know About the CRC{B56D7393-E583-4658-85E6-C1974B1A57F8}An In-depth Analysis of the CRC{2B53865E-A8C1-4FE6-AF67-08789FBE3C0A}Please call or write the House Rules Committee members, asking them to rejectHJM 23 and let it die in committee. Be polite and respectful.Choose a couple of points to talk about, keeping it brief. Remain credible by notoverstating your points.If you are a constituent of one of the Committee members, let them know at thebeginning of your email or call.

The following lists Oregon representatives. Please do a search for your representatives and call them.

You can see who your Representative is at House Rules Committee Membership:Arnie Roblan, Chair (D)503-986-1409rep.arnieroblan@state.or.usVicki Berger, Vice-Chair (R)rep.vickiberger@state.or.us503-986-1420Chris Edwards, Vice-Chair (D)541-607-9207rep.chrisedwards@state.or.usBill Garrard (R)503-986-1456rep.billgarrard@state.or.usSara Gelser (D)503-986-1416rep.saragelser@state.or.usBob Jenson (R)503-986-1458rep.bobjenson@state.or.usMary Nolan (D)503-986-1436rep.marynolan@state.or.usTobias Read (D)503-986-1427rep.tobiasread@state.or.usThank you for defending the rights of parents to do what is best for their children.Rodger WilliamsOCEANetwork Legislative Coordinator

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