Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White Paper For Any Occasion

Painting by Eleanor Polen

This white paper fan can be easily made with any white paper, a pair of scissors, a whole punch, and some curling ribbon.

Cut on the folded line, and fold in half several times until you cannot fold it anymore and it looks like this:
 Hold it together tightly and
cut little hearts and squares on both folds.

Cut out shapes free-hand on both the folded edges,
or use the pattern and draw the outlines, on the folds,
with a pencil. Cut out the pieces, and unfold the
paper. Punch a hole at the very end of the folded fan, and string a ribbon through it. This can also be glitterized, if you like.

Here is another interesting card or ornament. It can be a window, or a door if you add a round door knob.

You can give the door a bit of dimension by making two pieces. Cut out the windows and trace around then on another piece the same size. Paint glitter glue on the windows, and add extra glitter. I used prisma glitter here.  On the wrong side of the cut-out window piece, roll tape . Set that side onto the glittered square.
The bird is just cut out and painted with glitter glue in various areas. To make the candle, copy the pattern and roll the piece around and tape it in the back. With a tube of glitter glue, draw some dripping wax, and paint the flame. Add extra prisma if you like. Golds and other metallics might look great.

It even fits in this old candle holder, and twinkles in the light, which is great for day time candle light.

In the previous post I tried to demonstrate a way to make the garland paper dolls. Try this in other shapes, like tea pots, houses, sheep, cupcakes, trees, or anything you like.

Here is the pattern. If it will not respond to your print button, highlight it then cut and paste (ctrl plus c) and bring up a blank page and click ctrl plus v.

The glove has a straight edge and can be placed on the fold of cardstock, to be used as a card.  I sprinkled it with mica flakes after painting the cuff with clear glitter glue and dotted glue down the center of each finger. The bird and the door can be used as cards if you place one edge on the fold.

These simple white paper things can be used for napkin rings, if you make a circle of paper to attach them to.  The candle would work as a napkin ring too, and would be especially dramatic and pretty if the napkin was a bold colour.

Click on any picture for a clearer view.

Here is that glittered bird in a tree.

In the works:  slide show, sewing tutorials, home education, the social unit of the family, and more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these fun and simple crafts. Wishing a Happy New Year to you, you family, and all your readers!

Anonymous said...

I love everything white and glittery :)


Anonymous said...

so unusual...can't wait to make the candle...thank you Lydia!

Anonymous said...

Stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year!
Love what you say and teach...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
just wanted to wish you and your commenters a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I can hardly wait to see your sewing tutorials.

What a gorgeous photo of you.

Also wanted you to know I just finished two more long skirts today. This makes four that I have made. Thanks for sharing the sewing projects, now I am all excited about sewing again.

Happy New Year Blessings!

Lydia said...

Winter skirts sew up quickly, and if you dont have a slip, you can substitute a thin summer skirt (with an elastic waistband).

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I've been sighing and salivating over your beautiful dresses for so long that it became the impetus for me to sew my own maternity dress. I'm so happy with the outcome that another one is swiftly on its way to creation!

And I must say, you look so adorable in your photo!

Anonymous said...

i'm looking for some advice from a Titus 2 woman!!.. I am a 31 year old mama to 4 children, married for over 11 years! Happily married!!..here is my dilemma: I am attractive..I find that men look at me ALOT! ..I don't know if I should smile at them so as to say "hi" or just look away -looking rude! I want to be ladylike in all I do.. but I feel odd being stared at .. I dress modestly and beautiful. I want to use my gift of feminine beauty for the Lord.. but I don't know how to accept compliments from the opposite sex..without looking like I'm flirting. ..like when a man tipped his hat to me.. what would the proper response be. It flatters me and Idon't want to be sinful. Please tell me how you handle such things.. as your a very attractive feminine beauty yourself.. I know you have experienced this also. Thanks for your time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, more music to my soul.. thank you for putting this out there.. I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought this way until I discovered a site called 'Wendy's Modest Dress' some years ago..

I don't understand why women have become the new 'men' - - and I have no idea who 'men' have become. I haven't seen a real one in many a year..

I love the simplicity of your site.. the idea of tea parties.. the white paper ornaments.. and glitter. How cozy and comforting. I trace pics from sweet coloring books and hand embroider them.
I'm a quilter.. and love hand embroidery. I often give hand-made gifts whenever I need to give a gift.. .. Few people appreciate them. . my husband and his cousins berate me because I spend so much time at it. . it amazes me that I work with soft and lovely fabric and batting.. . and people are angered by that. Ours has become a strange and confusing world. . your site is like an ocean of peace...and a confirmation that I am indeed on the right path.. its my path... perhaps not the path of the world.. but its where I feel most at home.

I'm going to send your site info to a few of my friends who I think would also find comfort in it. There may not be many of us - but we are out there, those more genteel types who don't like all the crassness. . rudeness...vulgarity..... and so forth..

Its very cold here now - - I'm sending you a big warm fluffy quilted 'hug' for your tea today. And though many miles separate us, please consider me your newest best friend..... because you are surely mine.

Anonymous said...

You've been saying the exact same things for a really long time.

Lydia said...

So have you!