Thursday, December 10, 2009

Manners for the Home

I think it paramount that people have respect for the home, and show it by their manners, especially toward the home-maker.  From the beginning of her life as a homemaker, a woman should be careful to educate family and friends on the importance of manners. It is bad manners to make derogatory remarks about homemaking. It is rude to suggest that the mother or wife or homemaker is inept or lacks the intelligence to manage the home. Sometimes I hear people say that someone is not clever enough to manage the  home, and so they think she ought to get a job outside the home. I ask them: "If she is not intelligent enough to be a homemaker, why would she then be intelligent enough to work at a job outside the home?"

Anyone who runs down the homemaker is extremely discourteous. What that person needs to understand is they should not be judging the skills of the homemaker, but should be respecting her position. 

The Bible gives women the permission to do their duty of guiding the home. We should always applaud those who are taking up their rightful responsibility. Not only that, they should be rewarded, when possible. During a funeral, a preacher said, "This woman would rather have had flowers  from her loved ones while she was alive, than an abundance of flowers at her death."

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