Monday, December 28, 2009

White Paper

by Helene Coriveau (Quebec, Canada)

An easy white paper ornament,  suitable for any occasion, and a delight for children: a spiral or icicle.

Just wind a long strip of white paper tightly around a pencil. Hold it firmly while you paint it with glitter glue or glue. Then sprinkle with, or roll in prisma glitter (crystal or white fairy dust). Prisma tends to have more brightness. Try this in other colours of paper or glitter.

Before it dries, slip the pencil out.  A collection of these in a dish might be a nice centerpiece for January.

Print this pattern and instructions. The strip at the lower edge is for the spiral.

Cut out the pattern and place the hand on the edge of the paper. Then, draw a pencil line on the other edge. Use that line for your folding line. Fold the entire paper, accordian style. On that stack of folded paper, place the shape, trace around it with pencil, and cut through all layers. Be sure not to cut through the fold, where the hand, or the skirt is. 

Open it up and it should look like this. Rmember that the girl doll is joined at the fold in two places: the hand and the skirt.  Make several sheets of these and tape the hands together  in the back, to make a long garland.

Here are some white paper ornaments together: paper doll garlands, skates, icicle, snow ball, snow flake, and paper dolls.  The mitten pattern will also look great in white.


Secondhand Blessings said...

Very Pretty!

Anonymous said...

How wonderfully nostalgic and creative (and cheap). Keep up the good work, Lady Lydia!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

How sweet! Thank you so much for more lovely, thrifty ideas.

You are my "Mrs. Beeton". :)

Love to you~

Lydia said...

Spruce Creek Farm: that is a BEAUTIFUL snow scene with your farmhouse! You must be very happy there. Do you also have other scenes of this house on your blog? I would love to see them.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting the paper doll garland and patterns. They bring back floods of pleasant memories.

God's blessings on you.

Lydia said...

We used to make these from newspaper or a roll of paper, because you could make a much longer garland.

For an interesting change, fold your paper wider and join the boy to the girl, or change the hairstyle and the skirt shape of the girl, and put two of them on a strip. Then, draw faces and colour the clothing.
To find out why newspapers have such huge sized paper, go to The Pleasant Times and read the article.

Anneatheart said...

Dear Lydia~

I just love you! You are so beautiful and sweet and I love coming here to get a good dose of 'femininity' :) I've 'known' you for almost 5 years now, but you may not remember me. I've written to you a few times. (The Beautiful Womanhood message board, LAF and your blog)

I just moved into a nice double wide manufactured home on an acre of wooded land a few months ago. I had our 4th baby two weeks after the move and haven't really had a chance to put my mark on the house yet. I was wondering if you (if you haven't done it yet) could take a walk through your house and take pictures of the various things you've made to decorate- like the window treatments and any homemade things you've put together.Especially areas you have had to cover up due to renovating or whatever.(we have a few boo boos) My home is mostly white with brown wood trim (like oak brown) and brown carpet and furniture and I need some ideas. I can sew pretty well and am somewhat crafty :)
Also, I noticed that your home is filled with pink. I love it, but I hesitate to use it because my husband is surrounded by girls and I thought making the house very feminine might be a bit much for him, ha,ha. (we have four little girls)Our bedroom has plenty of pink and flowers right now, and he seems to like it, but, I wasn't sure.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you how blessed I've been to 'know' you, to please keep it up, and ask for help yet again.

God bless,

lynn said...

Will have fun making these with my granddaughters...and maybe my youngest grandson....we could also do animals, I suppose!

Lydia said...

Anne of the Art : I will try to do a slide show and post it on the blog. The pink is just accessories and I recently changed it to some other colour. With table cloths and candles and florals, you can create different colour schemes.

Anonymous said...

I'm also thinking of Victorian-style paper fans....very easy to make. I did some as gifts one year out of wallpaper scraps. You can tie them off near the bottom by poking holes (lined up, of course) & threading a thin ribbon or length of embroidery floss through them. This would work nicely for plain paper too, & then using the glue & glitter decoration on one side.


Lydia said...

Oh, Brenda, thank you for reminding me of this other easy white paper craft. I will put it up, along with a paper candle and white doves, and a few other things. They are great January/February items that are for children but look nice in a bowl or strung up along a window.

While I am formulating my political arguments in my mind for my next theme article, I can do some paper work ;-)

Lydia said...

I am working on a white paper cockatoo with glitter, and a lacey garland--the kind you put on the edges of shelves, little tiaras (crowns) and houses! These paper crafts go beyond December into the warmer season and are a great creative rest from some of the major jobs at home.