Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift Tag or Ornament

Cardstock ornament or tag, displayed on a piece of silver-flecked fleece fabric that I got from the fabric store.

If you like, you can enlarge this drawing and make a bigger ornament.

Here are the instructions for this tag or ornament. You can also enlarge it and use it as a card.

1. Print the pattern on cardstock, or, print it on regular paper and glue the paper to cardboard from a cereal box, for a template.
2. Cut out the pattern from the cardboard, and trace around it on the desired paper.  The various types of heavy scrapbook papers work well with this. I used a cardboard insert from a package of socks, because it was white. There is a use for everything.
3.  After tracing around the shape on the kind of cardstock you like, draw in the lines at the sole and the blade of the skate. Use a hole-punch for the eyelets to lace through.
4.  Paint the shoe area  only, with a glitter glue of some kind, or a glitter paint, or just plain glue. The glue in the stick does not work on this. It has to be more of a liquid. 
5. Lay the piece on a page torn from a magazine and sprinkle white glitter on the shoe area. I used crystal glitter that is characterised by the round flakes, made in USA, from Walmart, but you may be able to find it elsewhere. Other white glitters might work just fine.  If you want a pair of pink skates, just use pink glitter.
6. Shake off the glitter on to the paper and make a funnel by folding the paper and pouring it back into the bottle.
7.Now paint the blade area with glitter glue or plain glue, and shake silver glitter all over it and shake off the glitter onto the paper. Then pour it back into the bottle.

8. With Polymer glitter paint, outline the eyelets where you will lace the shoe, and outline the sole of the shoe and the heel. I used  bright-silver -glitter for the eyelets, and pink (with glitter in it) for the sole.
9. Place both pieces on cardboard and lay in front of a heater for awhile until it is dry and clear.
10. Wind narrow silver wired ribbon through the holes and around to the next shoe.

When you hang the skates, position them so that one is slightly lower than the other.  That is the way a pair of skates look when you hang them up.

Use your creative ideas and find other things to make this craft with: curly ribbon, children's glitter paints, (the kind that has silver stars in it is fun), or sparkly eyelash yarn for the laces. Try using pink shiny paper and adding the white glitter, or just cut the whole thing out in glitter-paper.

Sometimes there is a problem in getting these patterns to print. It might work if you darken or highlight the skate pattern, and then push your ctrl button at the same time as the "c" and then go to a blank page and click ctrl and "v" at the same time.  For most computers, you should be able to right click on the skate and then click "print."


Anonymous said...

Very neat!


Anonymous said...

Very cute ornament. The eyelets are a nice touch. This is a good idea I will try.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom in this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

I really like your ice skate ornament and gift tag idea.
It reminds me of someone who had painted a pair of ice skates pink and hung them on her front door over a wreath for Christmas.

Secondhand Blessings said...

I love these little skates. they're adorable!
You are so creative, where do you come up with all these ideas?
I plan to decorate with a snow/winter theme for the months of January & Febuary and these would be a perfect addition.

Barbara Jean said...

I've scrolled down through several of your posts. Love all the white and sprklies.

Great that you give patterns and instructions for your lovely treasures.

Thanks for the email.
I've been enjoying doing a bit to my blog.


barbara jean