Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leisure Arts - Fleece Decorative Cake

This is a little play-cake for a child's kitchen, made of fleece and poly-fiber-fill stuffing.  If you are familiar with sewing with felt, you can make the same things using fleece. Polar fleece is a little more flexible than felt and has a softer look, but the choice is yours.

I did not make a pattern for this because I used a teacup saucer to trace the circle, and then cut a fourth section out of the fabric circle to make the cake look like it had been cut. I measured the other pieces as I sewed, and also made a slice of cake, which is not shown here. You can get directions for a slice here.

Since I host a Ladies Tea once a week in my home, I like to have an interesting centerpiece each time, and this cake will be just the thing. Little leisure-art bits like this are great for gifts for those who like them. After the tea, someone might go home with the centerpiece of the week, or I may send it by mail to someone who likes it.


Don and Shelly said...

That is soooooo sweet. I'll bet you could sell those on Etsy...!

Sharilyn said...

Would totally love to get this in the mail! MY two little girls, and even my older one would enjoy it too!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


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