Friday, November 04, 2011

Autumn Beauty

A Wooded Path in Autumn
BrenHans Anderson dekilde
Danish, 1857-1942



Anonymous said...


I am always astounded by and deeply moved by those artists of the 19th and 20th century who lived long enough to truly inhabit two completely different worlds; the world of beauty and hope, despite life's perennial difficulties where faith, family, fidelity and fellowship were not the exception rather than the rule, to the spector of a world completely alien to that in which the artist BrenHans Anderson dekilde
lived in for half of his life. What deep saddness and abject horror these long lived souls must have endured, hearts grieved by the rise of the new diabolical norm that has reached its true fruition in our lifetime. yes, we have our tech toys, our medical abilities and our public health (sanitation etc) but it has come with a costly pricetag. All that has formerly been considered evil is now seen as good and vice versa (portrayed in the very dangerous light of terminology such as 'human rights' and 'democracy which the touted 'goods' of our age are not! they are nothing of the sort!! while the human rights of the biological family, the father and husband, the devout believer (be they Christian, Jew or Muslim), the aged, infirm and pre-born are routinely violated, sacrificed upon the altar of 'enlightenment'). it is a world of harshness, cruelty and deep emnity toward those who seek to quietly live their lives according to the twin lights of scripture contained in

Jeremiah 6: 16
Philippians 4: 8

Society is living under the spector of the 'Frankenstein's monster' it has created for itself. This is anathema to a life lived that is genuinely faith-filled, safe, sane, affording happiness and contentment. for so many, even in the Church are filfilling these words of Holy Scripture;

II Timothy 4: 3
Isaiah 5: 20
II Peter 3: 3

for 'the fool says in his heart, there is no God


God's wisdom is deemed foolishness by man (and sadly, 99.9% of the Church, dare i say, even (and especially) by those who profess to be pastors, preachers and teachers!

I Corinthians 1: 25
I Corinthians 3: 19

For the nations rage
Psalm 2 (read all of it)
and the fool says in his heart there is no God
Psalm 14

But God has promised us a time in this Earthly life when such horrors will be but a barely remembered nightmare.

Psalm 37

We are at the apex of this battle. God's good will prevail.

Keep up your amazing ministry here, Lydia, as you take the blows for Christ.

LadyLydia said...

Mrs Eliot,

You look at the length of days of that 19th century artist and realize he lived through several awful wars. He went from riding in a horse drawn carriage to flying in an airplane in his lifetime. He saw the women's so called liberation movement and the rise of broken homes. His paintings tell of a soft side of life that he saw: women tending to sweet, domestic things, tending their flowers, looking after their children, walking in the country.

Neo-Victorianist said...

Beautiful paintings. Yes, it is interesting to think my Grandmothers "went from riding in a horse drawn carriage to flying in an airplane."

Sarah said...

Beautiful! The first one is sp pretty...hard to imagine being in such a setting!

Anonymous said...

You find the most beautiful artwork! "A Wooded Path in Autumn" is absolutely gorgeous! I wish is were possible to "walk into" that painting for a day. I'm sure I wouldn't want to come back, except for my family.


Rightthinker said...

Such a beautiful testimony to the times...such thankfulness shows through the art!

People were truly thankful and appreciative of the opportunities of this nation, of the beauty God had given for our admiration.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I've mentioned this here before: I remember reading about an instance of a father & his children outside at night, looking at the stars. One of the youngsters said something to the effect that it was too bad all that energy out there (the stars, being that they are really suns) was just wasted. And the father replied, "Oh, it isn't going to waste....God is impressing us."

The wonder of His creation, & the fact that we are here, & allowed to enjoy it, is incredible to ponder!



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