Monday, November 28, 2011

More Happennings

Festive Evening from Pinterest
click for a larger view
Please check the playlist, for additional pieces. One is a beautiful choral piece by Verdi, and also "Waldstein," a very pensive, favorite of mine.  There are now over 20 pieces to listen to, including a favorite hymn called "Who Am I"? so I hope you will turn it on and listen to it. "Were You There?" is a hymn sung by a Welsh male choir, and has wonderful harmony, so don't miss it!  If you click on the picture of the piece and then use the arrows in the window, you can go to some of the ones you want to hear.

When you click the start button on the video to hear the music, a square box appears on the bar beneath it. Click it and the arrows on the screen will appear, and then you can move the playlist to the ones you want to hear. Click the picture of the one you want.

For the lady who wanted to print "The First Year at Home," I will put a link on the article that will take you to print it, and notify you on this post.

For those who were interested in my story of "Little Henry," (there is a picture of him on one of my posts and a description of my relationship with him.)  Sadly, he was the victim of a hawk attack, and he is no more.  It was doubly sad for the children at church who enjoyed his crowing greeting as they entered the meeting house. I was so used to him being around, to everyone saying, "What about little Henry?" a quote from one of the Jane Austen novels, that I took the leftover crumbs from the communion bread outside to toss to him and had to stop in my tracks and remember that he was gone.  Life in the country has some losses, as you get used to the animals and then eventually have to part with them. A little boy at church said to me, "Don't worry, we will see Henry in Heaven."

(to be continued)


Rightthinker said...

How wonderful that you are taking the time to instruct ladies who want to learn more about beautiful music!

God Bless you..and love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new additions! I love Welsh male choirs too and that one was a special edition to me! I love all the music so much from the movie How Green Was My Valley too. We were raised with all sorts of good music in the background in our home when I was growing up. From 78 and 33 1/3 records to piano, trumpet and many other instruments friends brought who came and played together. We did have "a wonderful life". :) :) Sarah

Kimberline said...

I loved the repined picture from pinterest. I didn't even know what it was until I went to see if I could find info on the picture in your article. It is just so appealing. I found so many beautiful pictures of Christmas decorating through that site. Thanks for the lead on it, Lydia!
(there are also some unsavory things there, but I just narrowed my search and didn't dwell on "odd" pictures and posts. It gets harder and harder to find web sites and .coms that are lovely and without reproach.)