Saturday, November 05, 2011

For the House


If you are looking for a painting to purchase, click the link and go to Susan Rios' website.

I would also like to tell you about this electric fireplace heater. It blows heat out that little vent at the bottom by the floor, which is really nice if you tend to have cold feet in autumn. A little set of switches just inside a panel on the front lets you turn the fan on high or low, and allows you turn the light that flickers, on or off.

In some stores, it also comes painted white, and online, there is a white one that costs a little more, but the heat comes out in a vent above the firebox. Both are nice, but this one is great for small rooms, even though it has a normal height of a real fireplace. The price has gone down to $179.00 with free shipping, but it may also be available in your local store.

A friend of mine bought one of these online at Walmart,  and said it was all put together. All she had to do is slide it out of the box and plug it into a wall. It was delivered postage free. This kind does not have the corner shelf attached, but you could still use it in a corner.

Sonata by Firelight
by Judy Gibson
(I'll be putting these paintings on Lovely Whatevers blog soon for those who want to order them.)

 If you don't need the heat, you can just turn on the flickering fire light.  I bought one of these at a local Walmart several years ago when they still had lay-away, and paid quite a price for it at the time. The cost of this particular model has gone down a lot.

Nearly Done

 I have recently signed up to be an affiliate for Walmart on my Lovely Whatevers blog, where I post pretty things for the home, but it has not been confirmed yet. In the meantime, I could not wait to show you this fireplace, because it has gone down in price to $179.00,  There are other fireplaces on this site, and some are as low as $69.00 which look like old fashioned stoves.

Go here for more styles of electric fireplaces:  There are also some inexpensive fire box heaters that you can insert flat inside a wall. I've seen these in homes and they are very nice, but you have to know how to cut a hole in the wall and do it right ;-)

Moonlit Haven
by Judy Gibson

The glow of light seen from outside a house is much warmer when it comes from firelight, than other types of  lights.

Grand Piano Room by Foxwell
This Site gives such uplifting ideas about how to decorate the mantel of a fireplace.  Use what you have, and include homemade things as well as heirloom pieces and things that have been given to you, as well as photograph collections. If you have one of these electric units, it gives you a mantelpiece that adds a "real home" feeling to your house.

More ideas for mantel arrangements here.

Click each month listed on my favorite, Enchanted Treasures for more mantel arrangements.
This is a lovely, elegent addition to any home, particularly if you do not live in the country. In some more populated areas, you restricted on anything smokey coming out the chimney. I can understand that a whole neighborhood full of fireplaces might cause some allergies and breathing problems, so this is a great alternative. Also good for those who have no fireplace, and adds interest to a plain house that does not haave many built-in features.
Just a beginner: I'm just learning about arranging the top of the fireplace. I got the two little torch lamps at Walmart (not expensive) and they take just a night light bulb for a very soft light. I chose them instead of candle light. I hope to change the arrangement every month or season and eventually make it look as good as some of the arrangements in Enchanted Treasures mantel of the month.


Rightthinker said...

Our master bedroom is set far from the furnace of the house, and get's terribly cold in the winter, also because we keep the door shut all day.

We have a great space heater that takes the chill off (we do not enjoy sleeping in overly warm rooms, anyway) but have decided to switch it out for an electric fireplace with a thermostat!

How lovely that you just posted about such a thing! We are thinking about the wood stove type, as it is a bit smaller for the bedroom, and will really heat fine and look lovely!

I'll take a picture when we've decided which one to purchase, and it's set up..someday perhaps a permanent gas fireplace..but for the time being, we aren't interested in a huge project/investment.

Thank you for a lovely post! I do look forward to falling asleep to the fire light flicker!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia
Thanks for the lovely photos and paintings. I am now inspired to recreate the first one with the two armchairs.

We are blessed to have all the fireplaces open in our home. We use the one in the front room, and have a teeny tine stove in the dining room.We find that lighting a fire pulls the stale air out of a room and freshens it up.

The lovely photos remind me of another way to enjoy this season of harvest. If, like me, you ladies cannnot play the piano, try or

I download the mp3s of accompaniment, and play them through speakers to our children. They have been learning traditional Harvest hymns, such as "We plough the fields and scatter", "Come ye thankful people come." It has been a great way to avoid the Halloween hype.

(If you'd like a list of hymns to tie in with home education curriculum we use, you can go to and go to Five in a Row.)


LadyLydia said...

A timer--yes what a great idea for a bedroom! I like my little electric fireplace, shown in the first picture, from Walmart. You can get it at other stores, too, but probably a bit more expensive. The timer is great because you wont have to remember to turn it off every so often. These are not supposed to be primary sources of heat, but just added warmth that is effect and beautiful too. I turn mine on when relaxing in the sitting room, and I have a small one in another room.

I like the fact they can be moved around and are lightweight. As I said, I do recommend you put a latch on them and attatch them to the wall.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to get one of these fireplaces and I truly appreciate your sharing this. I am definitely going to look into the ones you mentioned.

LadyLydia said...

I live in the country, but the house was updated about 30 years ago and the chimney to the inside where a fireplace would be, had been sealed off, in favor of propane and electric heat, so it would be quite an expense and an upheaval to get the fireplace back. In the meantime I really like having this little fireplace that is fairly narrow and does not take up much space in a small room.

Alexandra said...

Our fireplace is still operational, but we get better heat from the electric one. We bought the electric insert style one several years ago. I love it! It heats up the entire kitchen/den area with the doors closed. I can turn down the heat to the rest of the house, and just spend our evenings in there. I think we got ours at Ace(on my blog somewhere). It's the same type of fan driven fireplace heater that you mention, but it fits right inside the hole of your fireplace. I'd like to get one with a box mantle around it for our formal living room.

Anonymous said...

If you are concerned about running up the electric bill, you can use the light only, as it gives a pretty effect of a real fireplace.

Far Above Rubies said...

So lovely, Lydia. I could use one of these in my bedroom.

Thanks for sharing.

I hope you are feeling better.



Sarah R said...

I'm a bit jealous...I live in Florida, and am still running my air conditioner and my ceiling fans. Those heaters sure look cozy!

Anonymous said...

How lovely that you should post about this, we have finally (hopefully) sold our studio appartment and are looking for a new place to move to, - we cant afford to buy a 2 bed in our area (or rent really but that's a different story), anyway we have seen a nice 2 bed maisonette with a small garden and plenty of storage (pantry in the kitchen - they don't do those anymore in this country) and there is one of these fires in the main room. It's a shame that we wont have our lovely open fire place anymore but we don't really use it anyway because of our 2 year old so something that can just have flame effect (I assume without dangerous heat) will be much more practical and less work too! I will remember this post if we do end up renting that place. Thank you

Anonymous said...

We have two propane wall space heaters: one in the kitchen and one in the livingroom. They are unvented and just fasten to the wall or can be placed on the floor with legs...of course you have to run a propane line to it, but no vent or pipe going out of the house. Ventilation is required, but with our drafty old house we have plenty. :) We really enjoy both of ours. They add warmth and light and give a little boost to our furnace and save us a little money each year.


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