Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Day of Spring

This is what came the first day of spring, covering the pink blossoms on the trees.

The blue spruce looks great with a bit of white powder, and there are some willows bending over with the weight of the snow.

These are holly trees and a large old maple.

Here is a simple creative way of potting a flowering plant. I've taken some primroses from my garden and put them in these waterproof containers to make colorful favors for ladies Bible classes, or other occasions. If you have no cards you want to part with, use new ones that you buy in packages of 8 or 12 from dollar stores and craft stores.

The containers are any plastic boxes similar to the ones that contain unsweetened baking cocoa. There are quite a few grocery items pack in waterproof containers, as you might notice from looking in your pantry.

Remove the lable and trace the container on to the blank side of scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or a greeting card.

Deckle edged scissors can be used to trim the card to fit, and you can fill in the back with other scraps of cards or paper. Cards or paper sticks well with white glue or tacky glue. I prefer Elmer's white glue. (Dollar store white glue seems to be too wet for craft projects.) Paint white glue  or decoupage glue on the outside with a sponge brush to make the card or paper more durable. 

 Put a few rocks in the container for drainage, and add  a plant from your garden or purchased from a garden center. If you like, you can add a ribbon around the box, and set it on the lid. This makes a good accent piece for a small side table, a desk, your mantel or kitchen sill.
Here is another one done with a left over piece
of pre-pasted wall-border. Just dip it in water and it will

I will be giving this one away.

Not home made, but just as enjoyable, are these little water pitchers found at Dollar Tree for one dollar. They  come in light blue, green, yellow and coral.  

Put outdoor plants in them for front porch gifts, or a dining table centerpiece.

Here is another frugal idea. For many years I had spare "lefties" from my pair of rubber gloves, as the "rightie" always got a hole in it. I considered advertising for spare "rights" from left-handed dish washers, but finally got this idea. So far, it is working.  I buy two pairs of rubber gloves, one larger than the other. I put the lower quality, cheaper glove (yellow) inside the larger glove (purple or pink Playtex brand).  So far, it has been a month, and no holes. Not only that, but there is no feeling of heat through these gloves and I can use really hot water. I do have a dish washer, but end up washing many different kinds of dishes, such as tea cups, pots and pans with handles that are not dishwasher safe, or different kinds of bakeware.  I hope to update this with a report of the first leak in these gloves.  I enjoy not running to the store to get a new pair of gloves.


Ginger said...

Nice idea...I've a few plants that could use this treatment.

Unknown said...

These are cute ideas! Hope you have a blessed day and a lovely weekend!


Sarah R said...

As someone who lives in the South, I have not seen snow since I was a young child. These photos are lovely. It's supposed to be 85 here today...happy Spring to me!

Katrinka said...

This is absolutely beautiful! There are so many things that come in plastic containers now, and although I do try to reuse them, this is a lovely way to beautify them first!! I have some impatiens I made cuttings from last fall and have rooted them this winter for an old friend for Mother's Day ... and if I reuse a decorated plastic container as a pot, she will adore them even more!! Thank you so much...

That coral water pot is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ideas for planters. I especially like the little pitchers. These would make nice gifts at Easter and are quite affordable. I recently spent $60 to have flowers delivered to someone on their birthday and while they were nice, I think I could have made a similiar, maybe even nicer, arrangement for less than half the cost.

Anonymous said...

When you accumulate left-hand gloves as the right-hand gloves wear out, you can turn a left-hand glove inside out to wear on your right hand.

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea. Some of the flock lined gloves were not very comfortable when turned inside out, but it would work in the meantime before getting new ones.

Lydia said...

If you use this idea, make the smaller glove the one that actually fits your hand, and then go up one larger for the outer glove.

Anonymous said...

Ps. To turn a plastic glove inside out, a puff of air can help.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, I really do like this blog a lot. I think it is very nice of you to put so much here for free. I print out your posts and save them.

I recently had a job offer that was tempting. It was what many would consider a good job at a good company and I felt pressured by extended family and others to return to work now that my children are getting a little older. It was the closest I have come to returning to work in years. I finally declined the offer, after going through your blog and re-reading some of your posts. I know I made the right decision and I know my husband wants me home. I just wanted to thank you for the countless encouraging posts.

Lydia said...

I overheard a sarcastic comment regarding women at home: just think, if you do not stay home you will not be able to make all those useless things.

I imagine in a factory the same things are useful, only because someone is getting a wage for it.

Rightthinker said...

We have snow, as well. Apparently, the NW, and the inland NW are the only areas who haven't had the warm up!

I love the glove idea! I do spend more than I would like on wearing out gloves..I will do any cleaning job without batting an long as I have well-fitting gloves! I enjoy REALLY cleaning something, and using VERY hot water to clean most, gloves are a must for me to really get in there..anyway, great idea!

The plants are so pretty! I love the ideas!

Anonymous said...

I love the little cocoa container used for a planter...really cute!

It smells like spring outside, & it's all I can do not to get too excited & overeager about digging around things. This is the earliest warmup we've had in many years....we could still get pummeled with a good snow, so I don't want to feel too complacent about our good weather!


Lynne said...

This week in our neck of the NW we had a mix of about 7 inches of snow, winds, rain and sunshine! I'm very much looking forward to seeing the daffodil bulbs we planted last autumn break through soon.

The primroses are lovely! I also like your decorated pots and the idea for double layering the gloves.

Happy spring!

Lydia said...

The gloves lasted about 6 weeks, with very heavy use of several people in the kitchen. With one person, and average use, they may have lasted long. One pair of rubber gloves that really works are the hypo allergenic white ones, which never get a hole.However, they get very stiff as they are used and eventually cannot be used at all, even though they don't leak.