Thursday, March 01, 2012

Favorite Magazine Links

Remembering by John O'Brien, Irish (American immigrant b.1951, d.2004)

These are magazines in print, which usually are usually for sale every other month, but you can also get them online. The online versions are not  the same as the hard copies, so it is an advantage to have both. I usually go through the pages of a publication before buying it just to see at a glance if it is anything I would like to keep. 
Tea Time is one that shows all the aspects of tea imaginable, and often goes somewhere in the world where tea comes from, and presents recipes for foods that go best with various types of tea. You can download it on various electronic equipment to read.

Victoria is another one you can enjoy online, but once again, the online version is different than the printed copy, although it follows the same themes and subjects. They put extra things online not included in the magazine.

Southern Lady is also online, and has extra features not in the printed version. It is nice to go online and look at these copies to decide whether or not you might want to get the paper edition. I have my favorite months and my no-so-favorite months and so I usually get the ones that have the most value to me.

If you are concerned about the cost of books and magazines, it is great to be able to read it online. The publishers also have printable features, but I find it cheaper to buy the printed copy than to print things and have to replace my ink.

Victoria, Tea Time and Southern Lady, along with other publications, are from the same company: Hoffman Media. They also sell various seasonal publications such as Cottage and books about tea.

This publication is available in a U.K. version and an American version, which you can see on the link provided.   I buy one of these on rare occasions when it has a historical house that interests me. 

Romantic Homes has an online version, but of course the magazine has so much more. I enjoy the summer issues of this magazine.

Victorian Homes and Romantic Homes 
are published by the same company.


Mrs. A said...

Thank you for the links. I was wondering about those magazines you've mentioned before.

By the way. I have been spending time reading some of your posts but I haven't commented because I was pressed for time. I love reading your blog, cousin. :)


Mrs. A

Rightthinker said...

How wonderful to have these at our disposal!

Thank you for the links!

Anonymous said...

Sam's Club and Costco have had some of these magazines in their stores. Their magazines are 30% off the cover prices. Home Depot has a discount of 10% off all their magazines. Perhaps other stores have discounts too. I do not get as many magazines as I once did but I still get a few and really enjoy them. I have noted the English version of Country Home has more of the look of homes I like than our American version does anymore. I only see it at the book stores though. Thank you for sharing this information. Sarah

Lydia said...

Oh yes, thank you for that reminder. Walmart, JoAn fabrics, and some other stores have a ten percent discount on these kinds of magazines.

As for the advertising, its not near as bad as it was back in the 80's in Victoria. Now the ads fall more in line with the theme of the magazines: tea products, home furnishings, books, etc.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi LadyLydia,
The magazines are lovely.
I have folders of articles from magazines and the Internet relating to Homemaking and Decorating...I love going through them.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Alex said...

Thankyou for the idea of reading online!
And I hope your Skype talk went well. They are fortunate ladies!
Alex / 'Hazelnut' x