Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty Lifts the Heart

I was given this lovely magazine, which contained no bad news ;-)

It featured photographs from Carolyn Aiken, of Aiken House and Gardens, listed on my blog roll.

I was particularly interested in the hay-bale cottage that the magazine featured. The owner shared how it was built.

I am blogging for the first time from my ipad, so I will make this short before I start messing things up.

If any viewer uses an ipad to blog, would you please leave a comment and tell me how to get the writing underneath the photographs, rather than on top.  I had to use my regular computer to straighten it out.

I do plan to post about the Passover and the Resurrection, after the sermon tomorrow.

While we do not know the exact date of His birth, we can just about calculate to the day, the time of his death, burial and Resurrection, as there is so much historical proof, and ways to count the days from the Passover, which Jesus celebrated when he was giving instructions to the Apostles, for observing His memorial, in the upper room.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

You are so right that beauty lifts the heart. Even seeing photos of beautifully decorated homes does me good :)

And looking outside at the Master Designer's beauty really *really* lifts my heart...

lynn said...

The outdoor eating scene with draped sheer fabric is so like what you's the prettiest of settings!
Lynn M

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the most positive one I go to every day. You always post something of relevance. And hope. I too was gifted this beautiful magazine. I just smiled while I looked over each beautiful page! :) I found several ideas for our home and garden to redo things we own over again. My wish is that you have a beautiful Easter Lady Lydia. With Him there most certainly IS hope! :) Sarah

Cathy and Steve said...

As always, your blog is a breath of fresh air! This has long been one of my favorite magazines, because like your blog, it makes me smile inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Yes...your blog does make me smile inside and out too!

Great to see Carolyn's photo...glad she is being published.


Anonymous said...

The new blogger interface puts the picture any old place, even on a regular computer (does that for me). So unstreamlined.