Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pretty Eggs

My neighbor is a farmer who has an over-abundance of eggs, which she gives to me. The picture does not really show how pretty these eggs are in pink, light green, blue and brown.  Our own hens lay these colors also, but we have only a few chickens, hence the extra eggs are always welcome.

Click here for more information on naturally colored eggs.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing! I miss fresh eggs....

Anonymous said...

Ah yes....fresh eggs are indeed the best. :o)

We also have the variety of colors you've shown here. And they really are all the more popular, aren't they, around Easter time?

I never thought that a truly fresh egg would taste as different as it caught me off guard the first time I tried one, after my son's chickens first started laying. I'd had no problem with store-bought eggs, but oh my!...yes, there's just a "more-ness" to the flavor of a homegrown egg.


lynn maust said...

Oh they are just beautiful eggs, Lydia! How wonderful to have free ones too....and I did not realize you have chickens and some eggs from them...that is really great. We go for free range eggs from a Mennonite lady in our area...they have golden orange yolks...simply amazing and delicious. Your basket of them is really really pretty too!

lynn maust said...

I like Brenda's comment: there's just 'more-ness' to the are so right Brenda!

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree, fresh free range eggs are just wonderful. Their yokes are so beautiful.
Our neighbor also has many extra eggs and he gives them to us also. I say thank you with cookies for him.

I've saved the colored ones and blown the contents out, then displayed them under a "Fresh Farm Eggs" sign in a vintage egg basket on top of my frig.

Happy Easter everyone.
Mrs. J.

Unknown said...

I have never seen such coloered eggs! How pretty.

Barbara said...

This comment is from a city girl who buys her eggs from a local Kroger grocery store and has been satisfied with that. However, this post and the comments are making me think I've missed out on something special! (smile) Also, are you saying there are chickens that lay eggs in delicate shades of pastel other than white and brown?! Really?! I had no idea!

The Lady of the House said...

Those eggs look so pretty. Perfectly nature-made.


Deanna said...

They are really beautiful.
Nice to stop by and see these beauties.

God bless,