Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lazy Summer Days

This is a planter container someone wanted to get rid of. I recently covered it with Krylon paint that has the primer in it, which provides the best coverage I have ever seen with spray paint.
I am still buying up wilting plants and trying to keep them alive enough to make it seem that the garden has been producing full, healthy blossoms all summer. Everything is very dry, but with persistence I think the flower beds will look full and lush very soon.
There is a creature called a gopher that tunnels under plants or wherever there has been water. They pull up piles of nicely sifted soil, which I can use,but they leave huge holes and they create tunnels underneath the garden and lawn. Eventually it creates hills of soil and valleys where the lawn and gardens collapse. You can see the holes here, every foot or so, apart. Often a gopher will swoop the flower or vegetable straight down into its hole before your eyes. As a result of this, my garden was a desert this year.

Usually these wild sweet peas can withstand anything.

I saw this house for sale on my way home from the garden center.

Although I would not cotton to living in town, I think it would be great to buy this (if by some miracle I ever got such money) and fix up the interior and exterior, adding trim and fence (matching, like they do in Victoria) and either re-sell it or use it for a guest house. I would re-model some of the outside for a more 19th century effect. What do you think?

Or does it just need new curtains?

One of the scenes on my way back home.

Here is that poppy field again. I need to serve tea out here! Maybe when I am more caught up on my work, I will try that, if the field of flowers is still there.

I have a ton of things to do, but have jumped a few hurdles: I got dressed and wrote one letter, watered the garden and made a blog post. I just hope I have the energy to finally clean up one of the catch-all rooms in my house.

Someone sent a comment that I did not publish: "Don't you have children, dearie?"

My children have their own work to do and I try not to be a burden on them. I usually try to get my own work done and then offer my help if anyone (friends, rellies) needs it. My husband and I are still able-bodied, (his 70th birthday coming up) and healthier than a lot of young people we know, so we intend to keep house and garden as long as we are able. I have just returned from looking after my 83 year old Mama for 2 months and I feel like I am still capable of looking after my own house. It is always easy for others to tell you to let children and grandchildren do your work, but it is not that simple. Most things in a home are personal. In the matter of cleaning up someone else's clutter, you almost have to be able to read their minds. It takes personal judgement to know where to put your personal posessions, and there is the problem of preference, too. My home is an expression of my love and my preferences and convictions. I also think my children and grandchildren should spend time cleaning and perfecting their own homes.



Miriam said...

Oh what a cute little house! I love little houses! I think they have much more personality than big houses or mansions.

And I love poppy fields too! I've never seen one in real life but they are so beautiful even in pictures. I would love to join your Poppy Field Tea! :-)

I agree with you about the role of children. Children have their own lives, especially nowadays, when several generations living together is a rare thing. So supposing that children take care of your house/garden when they are not living next door, that's not fair.

Gayle said...

Love that field of poppies, so beautiful.You must have a pretty tea out there,I always look forward to your beautiful and orignial tea posts.

lynn m said...

the little house is adorable and I would want to make it even more so too!

Love your photo and poppies....very summery!

Your last paragraph about our children helping is just right. You said what needed to be said.

Lynn M

Barbara said...

Your picture in the poppies is wonderful!

Mrs Peterson's Place said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. My favorite is of the poppy field. I keep coming back just to see it, it makes me smile. How fun to run through it and let your hands gently touch the tops of them! What a blessing to be amongst God's beauty.

I like the tip about the Krylon spray too. I have an old milk can that needs reviving and I am going to look for that kind of spray.
Peace to you,

LadyLydia said...

the Krylon with priimer mixed is from Walmart and since using it I will not buy any other kind. The colors are more vivid and stay longer.

I hope the dry weather continues so I can do more painting outside.

LadyLydia said...

Yes, those houses are so adorable. i wish I had one on the same lot so I could go visit it.


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