Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Part of My Day's Work

Because I returned from my Australian trip in the middle of our summer, I found myself quite a bit behind the time to plant. I was able to find a few abandoned-looking plants on sale, as the garden centers begin to clear out their summer things, so I am hoping to have good weather for the flowers and eventually get a summer flower bed that is full of bright flowers. I work outside while it is still cool in the mornings, and later in the evenings.

The housework is still quite a bit in arrears, and after the experience with packing up my mother's house in a specific amount of time, I am practicing the habit of doing something creative each day and trying to socialize a little each day either in person or by other means of letters, or electronic communication. Today I wrote another of the little books I have written for various people that I met, relating times we spent together. The one you see, above, is being sent to sweet Betty, whom you know of from previous posts. You can only guess what must be inside this little novel. I've used a pen-name as the author.

I have made new kitchen curtains, and when the kitchen is cleaned up I will post a picture of the whole thing, with coordinating fabric accessories.

It is too hot to be outside, and the temperature is 90 F and 32C. You see I have the drapes drawn on the front window to block out the western sun which can make it very hot indoors.




Sharon said...

I like the title of your little book. It makes me think of several times in old western movies, a poor family moves into an abandoned house, and the woman of the house says that very line, and often adds, "and sweeping up". Also, it makes me think of a plain, drab hot-looking house in a city we once lived in. It was a rental and never pretty...until one renter put up the prettiest curtains in the picture window and kept a clean yard. I was so proud of the tenants for taking what they had and making it pretty. It was nice to drive by and just see what an improvement pretty curtains made.

lynn m said...

It amazes me to know you have 90 degree temperatures there...I think of you being so far north of that sort of thing!
It was really fun to see your old fashioned bike with flowers...a great find. Glad you are able to get out to do your gardening in cooler parts of the day....if there is such a thing!
Lynn M

lynn m said...

Your new kitchen curtains are sweet.

anonymous said...

Not only are you good at designing and writing, but you are a talented artist as well. Love the drawing.

Cute curtains. Love'd to see the other accessories you've made to go with them.

In reference to your late garden, you are not alone. I got started late this year due to re-mulching my entire veg. garden again.
No need to feel bad, I just figure I planted the last of the succession planting. We'll still get a few veggies. We'll be on time for the Autumn veggies at the end of the summer.

Mrs. J.

anonymous said...

I thought if you can still purchase those rolled bamboo shades at Wal-Mart or Lowes they could be installed on the eves of the house in front of the west facing windows and lowered after noon when the sun dips in that direction?
When we lived in Calif. that was the only way to keep the house comfortable in the summer heat. It gets much hotter for much longer there.

Mrs. J.

lynn m said...

Mrs. J....perfect suggestion for the shade...I used them as well on a porch...the only problem was my area is so windy and they would blow too much...but they are a great heat and sun blocker, putting them inside the house...\Lynn M

lynn m said...

Even plastic blinds are good...I have them in my apt.
Lynn M

Far Above Rubies said...

Lady Lydia, it's been awhile. I've been so busy. However, I wanted to pass by and say hello.

Your curtains are sweet and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Your home is quaint and cozy from the outside. I can only imagine how sweet it is inside.

Enjoy your summer, dear friend.


LadyLydia said...

THANK you Jasmine. I hope to get back to normality soon and have some sewing tutorials and other things. I also want to post about the unique financial way the Australian elder care companies take care of the residents without wiping out the entire income of the family (which sometimes happens here in the US). They take a portion of the persons money and invest it and use the interest as their income, and then they give back some of the principle to the family, so that the next generation of elders has money for their care. More about that later. SO besides double cream, the elder care system is something I would like to find in the US, from granny-flats to in-home care, and asssisted living appartments--it can be done without financially devastating a family savings.

LadyLydia said...

Hello Sharon,

The new curtains expression did indeed come from hard times, where women lifted themselves out of dire circumstances with new curtains, even if the house was dilapidated.

To those who mentioned the outside shades: i have not had good results with them, as the wind makes a sail out of them and rips them from their moorings, tears them to shreds or sends them to the farmers field next door. It does not have to be a gale force wind, either, and I have wasted ever so much money on trying to shade that window from the outside. There are awnings available that can be installed but this is a concrete block house, making attatchments very difficult or impossible

Lisa said...

You seem very focused.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, The idea of creating something sweet or useful daily is a good aspiration. One thing I love to do every once in awhile is to make new curtains for my different rooms. It is a cheap and easy freshing up technique that changes the whole room. We also have very hot temps and blazing sun, we must have heavy drapes on the windows in both summer and winter. So I like to find material very cheap that is light in color. May all you do prosper!
Blessings, Roxy

Ellie Rae said...

Lydia, you are obviously not a wealthy woman with oodles of cash at your disposal, yet you make your place look like a mansion -- pretty, feminine, well-cared-for, beautiful. This is good inspiration for the rest of us. Too many magazines show pictures of homes of the rich and famous, which discourages me. You always show what an ordinary person can do for very little money. Keep up the good work.


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