Friday, July 19, 2013

Pleasant Respite


This dry weather has enabled me to give my walls a fresh coat of paint, so I have been taking some time to rest from it, sit outside to read and try to catch up on correspondence. I did a little prep-work today by spackling holes and imperfections in the walls and washing away some of the dust. It would sure be lovely if a room that was being painted could mind its own business, but it always spills over into other rooms. I hope before too long that there will be places to sit and that things will be put away.

I am trying to keep from getting too anxious about it by taking a few moments each day to do something else. I can remember the days when my family and I could finish painting and cleaning up in just a couple of days, but now I think it takes me several months to recover from the upheaval.

Sometimes I illustrate personal letters with crayons because they are such a simple medium, needing no mixing and no clean-up.


It is nice to look through a pleasant publication...

and see something orderly, in its place. Magazines are inspirational but I like the homemaking blogs a lot better because ladies are showing what they are really doing at home with their own things and showing how they really live. Just a few years ago the only ideas that were available were from commercial magazines or furniture stores, where everything was staged, and there were only a few publications available. Now there are hundreds of blogs all over the world that show so many homes where people dwell and work and clean and create. Some of the magazines are now including people's blog posts. I like to visit the blogs when I have time because I enjoy seeing how women mix their inherited treasures with their every day things and how they make their homes beautiful and comfortable. There are so many more ideas being shared.


Above is the little novel I wrote for Drina, who took me to Miss Marple's Tea Room when I lived at the campground in Victoria, Australia. It was about an adventure or two we had together. The chapter about the movies centered on my wanting to take my purse with me. She said it was not necessary because she was paying for my ticket. I asked about at least taking my identification but she said, "I recognize you and I will identify you." Drina was originally from Croatia, and she had an unusual and lovable sense of humor. I sewed the pages together on the sewing machine with a fancy stitch. I rarely go to the movies, and I had not been sleeping much or very comfortqbly during my 2 months away from home. The seat in the theatre felt like a cloud, the room was warm, and I fell asleep, so I cannot tell you much about the movie.



anonymous said...

Although its good to get ideas on homemaking from publications, I so much enjoy seeing posts from other women on how they do things and what works for their homes and families.

I've been so busy outside all spring and summer, I've neglected my house.

The photos you post are inspiring also. Keep up the good works and happy painting. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs. J.

lynn m said...

How interesting to know about all the blogs now these days.

Love your tea setting and note to illustrate with your do such charming drawings.

Happpy to see you are taking a break as pretty as this one.

Thanks for your posting today....


Jacqui said...

Really enjoyed this post, and love keeping up with your blog, although I haven't kept my own up for some time.

How pretty everything looks!

Michelle said...

I too enjoyed this post. I too enjoy getting inspiration from blogs, and your blog is one of them. If I could only remember to let the ideas inspire me, then do what fits into my life and our family.
The time you take to write letters to people and make them personal is so special. Those people must be delighted to receive one of your letters. I think it's good to use all forms of communication available to us, but to not stop sending handwritten letters and cards.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I was so blessed by the picture of your making time to rest and reflect. I also believe when we make time to create we get inspired again. My home is always in a clean up re-organize stage somehow. Then it seems to take so much longer to paint or even to get my baking done. So I am learning to just take pleasure in each task.
Blessings Always, Roxy

Michelle said...

Lovely post, I had myself a little chuckle over "I recognise you and I will identify you" !

I agree with Michelle above when she speaks of getting inspirations from blogs but making it work in her own home and life. I too found myself in a tizzy a few years back wanting to create the many styles I admired from others, but through prayer and and a realisation that I can admire all I like but must remember just because I admire it, it does not mean I have to recreate it, I have settled in my own style which is like a personal signature.

Many blessings from Australia

Cindy said...

I just want you to know, that your blog is my pleasant respite. It always speaks to my heart.