Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Little Trip


                                                       Morning Light by Susan Rios

Today I am going to visit a Hobby Lobby that  has just opened.  It is 40 minutes away so I am making a day of it.  I have never been to a Hobby Lobby.  I was just thinking how nice it is to have had something "saved for later" in my life.  There are still a lot of things I have never done.


Here are two pieces of fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby. They were marked down 30 percent from the original price.  When I got home I thought better of buying such small quantities, because it took 45 minutes of travel to get there.  

On the way home, we got stuck behind a farm tractor we could not pass, so it took us a lot longer to get home.  We took the scenic route instead of the expressway to reduce the stress, and it really paid off in terms of a general feeling of well-being today.


I appreciated the music at Hobby Lobby.  When I walked in, A Mozart piece was playing. After that, familiar old hymns.  Everywhere I go to do my marketing or errands I have to listen to trashy music, so this was a great relief from the usual assault on my ears and my mind.

I also bought a fancy button using a discount coupon from the web which br out the price down to $1.79.  That is still a lot to pay for a button, but this one is special.


magnoliasntea said...

I hope it meets your expectations. Hobby Lobby is my favorite craft store. I love their markdown isle, too.

Michelle said...

I hope your day is lovely!
I think that is the blessing of not doing everything at once, you can fully enjoy and be present in the moment!
I enjoy looking forward to even little trips I plan for myself :)


Andrea R said...

I adore Hobby Lobby! I don't do a lot of shopping..(groceries, and necessities, but I mostly shop online) but I LOVE going to Hobby Lobby with my girls! We could spend hours in there!

I also still have so many things I have never done..God blesses us in this life with so many things to look forward to..and the ultimate in Hope, His Coming!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hobby Lobby. I always get inspired from all the wonderful craft items! I have been enjoying my summer so much!
Thinking of you!

SharonR said...

I'm glad you have a Hobby Lobby to enjoy. Something you may not have really noticed, and Mr. Green has said in his book, "More Than a Hobby", that the aisles are nice and wide, as his gift to the customers. He could crowd more merchandise in, as do many stores with their very narrow aisles, but he doesn't, and it pays off. I love the relaxed feeling there, which makes me want to meander longer. I want to hurry and get out of other stores' stressful narrow aisles and stuff crowding around me.

Lydia said...

I liked that the merchandise was not offensive---no rubber stamps with swear words, no signs with insulting witticisms, no pictures or magazines to turn around just to keep from having to look at them. All stamps and signs and decor was in good taste. It is nice that parents can go there and not have to be always worrying about protecting their children from all the insulting material.

anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about your trip. I'm glad you got to go and that it was so pleasant for you.

You certainly got some beautiful fabric. I didn't know they sold fabric there too.

Mrs. J.

Housewife59 said...

What lovely fabrics you came home with, and I am glad you found that special button.

Rhonda said...

Hobby Lobby began and are still headquartered in my state, Oklahoma. I also like that they are closed on Sundays. They pay their employees well and even have a health clinic for them in Oklahoma, long before the ACA.

ChristyH said...

Hobby Lobby is nice and they have great prices!! I love that they are closed on Sundays.

Lydia said...

That is interesting, and when I get time I will tell the true story of pioneers in theor wagon trains who stopped traveling on Sunday for a church service together and how they arrived in Oregon unscathed with no death, disease or getting lost in the mountains.

Grace and Tea For Me said...

Dear Lady Lydia:

I made kitchen and dining room curtains from the same material from Hobby Lobby. My home is country victorian and the pink teapot material was just right. Now that I have seen the yellow material I may have to go to my Hobby Lobby and get a few yards. The stores nearest me are 1-1/2 to 2 hours away. I wish they were closer!


Mrs. B

Valerie said...

I love Hobby Lobby. =) What pretty fabric. You are right that is a special button, just lovely.
I know what you mean about trashy music. It would be so nice if stores realized this and changed their tune...quite literally!
Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie