Friday, July 04, 2014

You Are The Country


Base your country, where ever you live, on who you are and what you are guiding your family to be. The spiritual qualities from Christ and the character qualities you are teaching your children---this forms the country you are living in.


Do not base your beliefs about your country on what the news media and other media is portraying. That media is in the business of demoralizing the people of the country. They will not only loudly broadcast the most tawdry things, but they will create their own news, often of events that did not really happen, show them on film for the purpose of getting you to give up on your country.


The best news is who you are in Christ, how you live your beliefs, what you are doing at home, and that is really what your country is.

Today we are having our own parade, which has become a tradition. In the hot weather we do not have to sit in a long line of cars when leaving an event. We have our own parade with marching bands, two and three-wheeled vehicles, all the farm wagons and buggies we can find, and we eat at a long table set outside. We do not have to go far to find the utilities we need.


In past years, other families have joined us and we have had a train-stop speech from a local politician running for mayor of our seceral-acre country. The speech is usually quite stirring, explaining what a country is all about and how following the New Testament principles can make a country thrive. Having a population of New Testament abiding Christians can benefit a country.


Christians have the blessings of two countries. They have dual-citizenship because while residing on an earthy country, they are citizens of a "better country", (Hebrews 11:16) referring to the kingdom and citizenship of Christ.

We sometimes have strawberry lemonade in the 4th. You can see how to make it on The Pleasant Times.

Search that blog also for Mylar fireworks made out of straws and shiny papers. Before the fire -works that exist today, matches were never used to make a firework show all the sparkle. Children dropped homemade sparkly things from a height to make them swirl and curl colorfully, catching the sunlight, all the way to the ground.




Gail said...

Thank you for stirring us up to realize that we, ourselves, are the real America, and that for good or ill, we are the country. It makes me proud, yet seriously aware that my conduct and "conversation" represent my country. Your celebrations sound very satisfying. Last night, I took my little granddaughter outside (she's three) and we walked hand in hand through the pleasant night air to watch the various fireworks being shot off from yards in the neighborhood. She was as impressed with the moon and the starlit sky as she was with the actual fireworks. So unusual was it for her to be outside at night, taking a walk, that she was really enthralled. It was a magical moment for us both, and this afternoon, she mentioned it again with excitement. I was blessed.

Unknown said...

Great post! 'You are the country'...I couldn't agree more. Thank you, Jeannette

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I loved this post!
Thank you for this wonderful reminder of our dual citizenship!
Your new look on your blog is very clean and crisp! I had a sweet picture of your 4th of July celebration! Sending a big hello from my vacation holiday destination this week!
Hugs, Roxy