Sunday, October 19, 2014

Enjoying the Seaside

These paintings from the 1800's give us a look at the way Victorians enjoyed the beaches.

The seaside was a favorite for romantic portraits.

Beaches provided a scenic place to relax.

Ladies enjoyed a "promenade" or painting, reading and penning in a journal.

A visit to the coast also relaxes the mind.

Crowded beaches showed people from all walks of life, often identified by their clothing.

The inlets were full of sea vessels.

The sound of the wind, the surf and the birds was part of the mental and emotional therapy.

One visit to the beach and you could be happy and refreshed for awhile.

As I have been to the coast this week, I was interested in how people of the past used the same beaches we use today.

Here is the ocean I visited.

It has been an eventful day here at my place, with all kinds of challenges, but God has been good. I remember Rose Kennedy saying, after the tragic death of her son, "We know God is good and we must always trust Him."  In such a time a deep sorrow she had a reverence that many people find difficult to lay hold of today.  

These two pictures are photographs of people on beaches in the 1800's.

The ladies appear to be relaxed, happy, content and at peace with life.


SharonR said...

Beautiful clothing at the beaches. I like the two ladies in white the best. I think of them as being mother and daughter.

Rose Kennedy was the best mother and wife, citizen, etc. I really admire her in being the superior member of the Kennedy family. She was a blessing to the whole country.

anonymous said...

I so enjoy your post on enjoying the seaside today.
In California during the 1950's the beaches were so pretty and sea glass was easy to find.
Back then one piece bathing suits with cover-up dresses and straw hats were fashionable for ladies and girls. Boys and men all wore bright shirts and swim trunks. Bikinis were not seen yet and families had cook-outs over open fire rings.
On Independence Day we gathered after dark on blankets in the sand to watch grand fireworks displays.
Your post today has brought back good memories. Thank you Lydia.

Mrs. J.

Housewife59 said...

With these beautiful and happy scenes, I feel as though I too, have been to the seaside and walked beside my friends in the sunshine, our long skirts ruffled by the breeze. The call of the seagulls, the sound of the sea brining me close to God's wonderful and healing Creation.