Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Morning Rain Drop Tea

Hello Dear One,

I know there is more than one viewer, but there might be one particular person who needs a special greeting today, so my greeting is supposed to sound personal.

It sometimes rains early in the morning, and then the sun comes out, so this morning I had Rain Drop Tea outside on the porch. The gentle mist of rain sounds like what I refer to as the pale notes on the piano or guitar strings; so soft sounding that if the sun dies not appear today, my heart is filled with sunshine. 

Cucumber tea was the most like raindrops that I could find, because of its light color. It is available by the bag, but a cucumber slice floating in very hot water makes a great flavor, so that is what I made.  

These few moments allowed me time to read another page of the 2nd-hand book Called Tea With Jane Austen, which has history and descriptions of the tea foods of the era.

A subject that I have had in mind has been the question of how much time a Christian woman at home can afford to spend on the world's constant broadcasting of bad news, so I will address it as best I can now.

Horrid news does not go with this kind of activity that I am showing today, nor is it compatible with anything a homemaker has to do in a given day.  It will not get the laundry done or the meals made.

I was listenning to an old hymn called "Beneath the Cross of Jesus" and noted in the last stanza the phrase: "content to let the world go by". You can listen to he song and see the lyrics here:

Content to let the world go by:  Christian ladies have for the most part been content to let the world go by, and to tend to the duties of the home that were their own. They participated in their country's success by guarding and guiding the home and practicing good character, as well as teaching good values to the community by the way they lived.  Then, those who had great causes that Christians have always practiced, began to say, "Your country is a mess because you Christians just stayed home or kept your religion in your churches."  Many women felt they should be more concerned about the world, and took on the worries and stresses and burdens that Jesus warns not to carry.

The accusation that Christians were not "doing anything" to make the world a better place or to prevent corruption in government, was not true.  Ladies at home guiding and teaching  future adults in good character were doing a lot more for their nation than anyone in Congress or Parliament, because of the spiritual values these ladies promoted and sent out into the world. Women at home caring for their own property and posessions, being careful with their incomes and looking after own husband's nutrition, lifting the stress of the world from their shoulders by having well-kept, attractive homes and serving appealing foods, were doing more for the world than any summit meeting ever could.  One reason such women could do this was that they were free from the worry and heavy responsibility of worrying about politics.

Instead of working in the homes and churches where they grew in grace and good works, many women got caught up in causes that were Christian in nature but required their time and attention away from the home and church. While still at home,ladies began to feel anxious about current events. They once thrived and made a difference in the lives of others through the churches and the homes. Homes and families and churches are now the people than need the most emotional and financial help. It is time for ladies to take their ears away from the naysayers of the public broadcasts and get back to living the Titus 2 role, which really makes a difference in people's lives.

Instead of devoting themselves to home and church where they thrived, they began an endless campaign to fix the rest of the world, an exercise in futility. 

Ladies also began to believe the news broadcasts, without any way to investigate the stories.  There are people who once worked for the news media who write about how it creates a false reality on the screen and in photographs that do not tell the entire truth.  By showing the limited views that are only broadcast through a lense  they can create any thing they want the world to believe.

Today we have the disease of the month and the crash of the month and the tragedy of the month (or day) to interrupt the calmness of the home, and this can hardly benefit the home. The minute you start worrying, your immune system is compromised. When you worry and are not happy, your body seems to be more vulnerable to headaches and sniffles, tummy aches and all kinds of unpleasant things.

Worrying about things goes completely against the commandments of Christ, so my conclusion is, we must obey the command to pray for the those in political power, and let God take care of it. When you worry, you cannot have optimum health, and you are not able to control your home life. 

The news media is a privately owned organization that hand-picks bad news to broadcast, with the purpose of demoralizing you and making you lose hope.  The news media does not have your best interest at heart. It has an agenda to put people in a constant state of fright so they can also use their sponsors the pharmaceutical companies to sell you their antectdotes.  I have written about this in the past, but we all need to be reminded that the media creates stories or chooses the ones that benefit their agenda, and creates hype in order to get people to react a certain way. This is the bad news.

The good news is the Bible, and the last will and testament of Christ, the New Testament, is full of hope and assurance and peace. It gives life. The news is more often about death and depressing things.  As a guard of the atmosphere of the home, a lady should keep her mind free of this pollution.  Make sure you do not get a steady diet of the news media, for it creates fear, and fear and anxiety will not help your home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin Lydia,

Just stopped by to see how you were doing. I don't watch the news much. I've been reading the Bible a lot lately.

I do believe in the cause of spreading the gospel and serving others outside the home, but when you have a family you can't dedicate so much time to that outside stuff, of course. Women have different gifts that the Holy Spirit blesses them with and they should let their children see those gifts in action and develop more talents and use them.

Cousin Rosemi

anglow said...

Thank you for this very timely post! I have stopped watching and listening to the news, which is so very bad lately. I even renamed my iPad "my Happy ipad" after removing all news feeds and sites that are so worldly and depressing. I am adding beautiful pictures, uplifting blogs such as yours and prayers and quotes that encourage faith. I

Lydia said...

Christians felt guilty for being home and minding their own business.they are made to feel that is too narrow and that if they kept up with the rest of the world and all its social ills that the world would be better. Do what you can do within your ability and limitations and what you cant do. Leave to The Lord.

The Radical One said...

Thank you so much for this posting Lady Lydia. I have been feeling much the same way here lately. I purposely avoid the news as much as possible. I go out of my way not to have to see it actually. As a traditional woman I don't really feel I should have to deal with politics anyways. In reality our husbands should make decisions for us and speak on our behalf and in our own best interests. The news is depressing and I know from personal experience that they censor anyone who might actually tell the truth or present a different viewpoint than what the mainstream wants us to hear. At least we have these blogs where we can connect with each other. By looking at the news one would think there is no hope for traditiional family values ever again. But we just have to keep focusing on the home and setting a good example. At least we can help and be a good example to those we come into contact with everyday.

Lydia said...

The media is saying the world is in chaos and mocking God with the anti family and unbiblical reports of every aberration invented by corrupt minds. They do not report the lives changed by conversion to Christ and following His commands. They seem to be saying our God has no control over the wickedness in the world, but they are over-representing the chaos and blowing it out of proportion. They want us to think we are surrounded and should surrender. But in reality you can look at your daily life and see that God is good.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I agree with this as I know first hand that it is programmed to give the worst case scenarios. I have been convicted more than once to be very careful and how much I expose myself to the media's point of view.
Making my home has to be my top priority and I can only do this job after much prayer and reading His word. I don't have time for the world's trash news reports. Once again, you have reminded us all what is really going on and what is
Yours, Roxy

Lydia said...

Roxy, about 40 years ago my husband and I went to am African country to work with a church. In the course of our handing out the announcements of our gospel meeting, many people's first response was "as long as you are not political". They went on to explain how they objected to the churches preaching politics instead of salvation. I always remember that we were able to get a good response to our message because it was the gospel and not politics. Well here it is so many years later and most churches on our country are preaching politics instead of the thing that will teach people whose lives are spiritually shipwrecked. I personally don't think the preachers need to repeat the news. Most people are very uninformed about the teachings in the Bible and that is what they need to hear.

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia, this is an excellent article! It's an encouragement me to keep doing what I've been doing - focusing on home and family. I'm aware of what's going on in the world but am not focusing on it, wringing my hands with worry. We had bad storms pass through our area with threat of tornadoes. But, praise the Lord, I slept through it resting and trusting in the Lord. Thank you for all of the encouraging articles you have written and continue to write. I share them with others on Facebook trying to bring awareness to my little corner of the world. Your sister in Christ, Terri Ramey, Shannon, Georgia

Blessed Homemaking said...

Thank you so much for this post, Lady Lydia. I sure needed this reminder. I never watch news programs, but I do receive some news in my email, and it is never encouraging. You are right that living in fear and worry is not what our Lord has for us.

I will be having a laundry day today and enjoying teaching my children their lessons. I cannot save the world by my worry, and what a blessing to know that God is in control.

Nadege said...

Thank you for such a timely article. Due to my becoming very ill last year, we cancelled our daily paper. I am much recovered and feel less anxiety and more peace without the daily bombardment of "the sky is falling in" news.

However, I do miss not knowing what is going on with the schools, community, and politics. Unsure how to strike a balance as I definitely am affected by any bad news.

anonymous said...

Great post Lydia and so timely.

Do to living in a noisy city and neighborhood most of my life, when I'm alone in the house I enjoy it quiet or to listen to the bible, soft classical music in the background. Am most content and happy without the distraction of news programs or tv.

In my home I'm considered uninformed and an ostrich if I don't care to listen all day to "the news". Across the nation some of us live in high tornado or flood areas and it is unwise not to keep alert.

My solution is to listen once a day and commit the news to the Lord and not to dwell on it. So I stay informed, but don't allow the constant hammering of world, political propaganda and hype to interfere with my day.

God's word is so refreshing and pleasant to dwell on. It makes a positive difference in our lives.

Thank you again for a pleasant spot in the day. Your Morning Rain Drop Tea looks so inviting.

Mrs. J.

Housewife59 said...

Thank you for this excellent post. These wise words and encouragement will help us to remember that what we are doing in our homes and families, is our calling, ministry and has benefits that can change our world.

Lydia said...

Very true, Lesley, and many women who were once content to let the world go by while they managed the home, began to worry and feel they were responsible for many things behind their control. If you look at the account of Mary and Martha, you see Jesus taught that listening to. His words was more needful than worrying about many things.

JudyZ said...

This is something I have really been struggling with! I never listen to the news... but my husband, who is a truck driver, listens all day, then tells me. I worry. I panic. I lay awake at night. Thank you so much for the reminder to focus on the Lord and His goodness and my faith in HIM!

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
I think the more we learn from the Bible- Genesis to Revelation- the less world news we really need. Our husbands need more knowledge of God through the Bible to make them feel secure and then they can pass that security on to us. I agree that many are uninformed about what the Bible teaches and that adds to their insecurity and much of the depression that is so prevalent today.

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
I think the more we learn from the Bible- Genesis to Revelation- the less world news we really need. Our husbands need more knowledge of God through the Bible to make them feel secure and then they can pass that security on to us. I agree that many are uninformed about what the Bible teaches and that adds to their insecurity and much of the depression that is so prevalent today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

I agree with you completely. I don't read the news by choice. I believe so strongly that it is in our homes that we can make the most difference!

Thank you Lydia for sharing and encouraging us during this blessed journey.

Misty Layne said...

I needed this today. Thank you.